New Contest: The Murder Internationale Award

A chance to flex your mystery and crime thriller chops across borders and nations. Full details on the award page.



Winner Announcement: Less Than Noble Award

3 authors competed for first place in this powerful award about corruption. See who won after the jump.


Winner Announcement: The Athlete’s Footnote Award

A belated winner announcement for this showdown between Robert Madden and newcomer Bryana Thomas.



Follow Up Announcement for Major Comp Participants

Shortlisted or longlisted for the 2018 Major Comp? You should read this :)


The Don McCrady Invitational Award

An absolutely outstanding shortlist this week. Was it the open topic? The monetary reward? Perhaps the short word count or just a combination of all three. Whatever the reason, don't miss the shortlist for the Don McCrady Invitational Award.

For the Love of Perverts | Joey To

The Ray of Hope | Sachin Sharma

Love Struck | Katie Brice

Salt Can Heal All Wounds | Jenilee Chen

The Stream of Vengeance | Abhilasha Sharma

Back On The Horse | Rob Madden

Narina | Daphne Olivier

The Perils of Prague | Darajabi Nnamani

The Last Day The Sun Danced | Liam Pender

Colonising Mars | Ella Jones


Shortlist for the Less Than Noble Award Up Now

Three authors show down for top spot. Read them all below:
Gossip Gals | Regina Campbell
The Practice | Abhilasha Sharma
Crumble | Darajabi Nnamani


Winner Announcement: Hate and Coat Major Contest

Without further ado we announce the winner for this year's major comp.


Major Contest Shortlist Announcement: Hate and Coat Award

Alright folks here it is. The major contest shortlist represents our favourite stories from the longlist, as chosen by our hardworking judges.
Best of luck to everyone who entered. We'll announce the winner 6th of May.
Thanks to everyone who entered and best of luck to those who still remain!

  The Needle and the Coat | M.C. Benitan
A Cretin's Gamble | Regina Campbell
Trust | Virginnia Johnston
All Alone In The Desert | Grace Halliday
One Step at a Time | Ian Harrison
Strictly Business | Kendal Heyes
The Warm Grey Overcoat | Peter Larsen
Slasher & Co | Sally Lewry
Creatures of the Night | Tessa McCarthy
Away From Me | Mick Wiley
Three Things | Jo Parker
Last Laugh | S. D. Platt
Burning Memories | Jeanette Stampone
Lovers' Tangle | Jacqueline Trott

Winner Announcement: Daft Chunk Award

It's a first time win for one of our shortlisted authors in the Daft Chunk Winner Announcement.


Winner Announcement: Deus Ex Lover Award

5 new and returning authors competed for first place in this award about broken hearts and bad lovers. Find out who won after the jump.


This Week's Shortlist

The Graft Chunk Award

Two returning authors go head to head in this shortlist about altered carbon.


Winner Announcement: Gift of Returning Award

Can newcomer Nicola Messer oust multi-award winner Sophie L Macdonald? Find out after the jump.


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