Winner Announcement: ‘To The Nines’ Award + News

This Week’s Shortlist: WOLVES I: Who Lives?

WOLVES is a new serial award asking for authors to think (and write) about changelings, loners, packs, territory and most importantly, all things lupine. Read the shortlist after the jump.


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Writing Contests

Spotting The Rainbirds With Clarissa Goenawan

A former NiTH competitor, you might remember Clarissa Goenawan's clear prose, quaint characters and simple, beautiful tales from a couple of years back. Now her wonderful debut novel, RAINBIRDS, will be published by Soho Press is 2017.

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Manuscript editing at fair prices, novel writing mentors, discount online correspondence courses and more. We want to make you a better writer!

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7 Tips For Writing Awesome Short Stories

Award winning author and senior Needle In The Hay judge Jeanette Stampone dishes out the advice on what she thinks makes a great short story.

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Read Chapter 1 Of Strange Days!

Free to read for everyone!

Going Down The Strange Road With Charlotte Cross

NiTH author Daniel Norrish sat down with Charlotte Cross to go behind the scenes with the making of Strange Days: Vol 1


Feature Author: Sophie Macdonald

Staking a claim as this year's break out writer, Sophie Macdonald revels in the weird, spooky and wonderful, and is our feature author for July.


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Writing Prompts Master List

Our complete list of writing prompts, from Horror & SciFi to overcoming writers block. You'll find them all here.

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Our Best Original Cyberpunk Stories

Original works by Joey T, Amber Fernie, John D Pallot, Sarah Henry & more...

Serial Shortlist: ‘To The Nines’ Serial Fiction Award

Running over nine separate awards throughout 2016, this ambitious serial fiction project pits some of NiTH's best writers against each other in what is shaping up to be an exciting contest.

To The Nines

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