Writing Prompts For Horror Stories   If you are into the creepy, scary or just downright weird NITH’s got you covered. Nine freaky writing prompts for horror stories. Nine chances to scare the living bejesus out of the reader. Nine… Like cat’s lives. Want to share what you’ve written? Use the Entries Page to send… Read More

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Using one of of the prompts from Writing Prompts For Science Fiction Stories as a starting point, write your best science fiction story of no more than 700 words. Make sure you follow all the guidelines listed below, including how to format your entry. Make sure to include links to your website, twitter, or other contact… Read More


Jenny Aspen’s first short story for Needle In The Hay is a short story about love in Paris. Far from clichéd, Jenny sprinkles just enough difference into this tale of two writers to keep things interesting, as an unlikely duo of Americans find themselves bonding over home.  It’s hard to write romance without taking irony into account, and… Read More


Need help overcoming writers block? Want to start flexing your creative muscle but need a place to start? Whether you want to take a break from that 80 000 word manuscript or you’ve only got half an hour to write and need an idea to get you started, writing prompts are the perfect creative kickstarter.… Read More


For the TRIGGER WARNING Contest we saw three suberb stories make the short list. Not only were we impressed by the quality of the entries, but also saw this relfected in our judges, who had a lot of difficulty seperating the two. We’ll begin with a quick run through of each story, followed by Judge’s… Read More


STORY CONTEST GUIDELINES In six hundred words or less write a short story where the protagonist receives unexpected news from a Doctor, Dentist, or other medical professional WHAT ARE THE CHARACTER REQUIREMENTS? There must be at least the protagonist and the medical professional. Aside from that, you are free to include as many (or few)… Read More


Milos Tellman’s first short story for NITH is a brutal and cleverly plotted revenge story with a neat twist. We’re calling this a Dodge City Western. All the elements of genre great are here, drawing both fictional characters and historic individuals into a terse hustle in the infamous Dodge City. It first appeared on the… Read More