Winner Announment: Quasimodo’s Quasi Oboe Award

Current Shortlist: The ‘To The Nines’ Award Part 1

Running over nine separate awards throughout 2016, this ambitious serial fiction project pits some of NiTH's best writers against each other in what is shaping up to be an exciting contest.

Catch up on Part 1 after the jump.

To The Nines

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Our Best Original Cyberpunk Stories

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Feature Author: Joey To

Ever pondered Death as a family man? Wondered what it would be like if couples sorted out their relationship problems in Mechs? Or what would happen if Mario ate too many mushrooms? Then you need to check out Joey To.

An author as versatile as he is prodigious, ready to take on any contest with satire, black humour and offbeat dialogue. Joey's stripped back and practical prose is comfortable in any setting, from action driven SciFi to quirky gameshows and trope inverting genre fiction. Learn more about one of NiTH's most frequently read authors in the full interview below.

Feature Interview

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The Climate Fiction Collection Needle In The Hay

The Climate Fiction Collection

Stories of environmental change, both local and global, with humans drama at the heart of the issue.

The Unseasoned Collaboration

The Unseasoned Collaboration

A holiday themed collaboration about meaning and place. Soft genre welcome.

All Humans Must Die Logo

Death To All Humans!!!!! A Collaboration

Because sometimes humanity needs a kick up the butt.

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Strange Days Vol 1 | Charlotte Cross - Patreon Reward Novella
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Ben H Winters Interview

Revisit our conversation with the author of Sense, Sensibility and Sea Monsters and the Hank Palace Detective Novels.

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