Major Contest Longlist Announcement: Hate and Coat Award

Congratulations to everyone who made the longlist. Stories are listed in alphabetical order based on the author's surname. The longlist will run until the 16th of April at which point we'll narrow down our favourite entries into a shortlist.

  Cowabunga | Alyce Adams
For Tommy | Alanah Andrews
The Needle and the Coat | M.C. Benitan
Her Grandmother's Afternoon Tea | Silver Bolitho
A Cretin's Gamble | Regina Campbell
The Sound of Bow Bells on the Wind | Iain D. Chalmers
The Price of the Coat | Rod Francisco
Paddington's Coat | Pam Fulton
All Alone In The Desert | Grace Halliday
A Mother's Grief | Gena Hannett
Cliffhanger | Ian Harrison
In Memoriam | Ian Harrison
Nothing to Wear | Ian Harrison
One Step at a Time | Ian Harrison
Sherlock with Ants | Ian Harrison
Testing Times | Ian Harrison
Strictly Business | Kendal Heyes
Must Have Been About Leather | Meg Hill
The Husband's Hat | Anne Howell
Trust | Virginnia Johnston
Supper in the Subway | Helen Lalas
The Good Neighbours | Peter Larsen
The Procedure | Peter Larsen
The Warm Grey Overcoat | Peter Larsen
Slasher & Co | Sally Lewry
Creatures of the Night | Tessa McCarthy
Scabs | Birgitte Necessary
The Disappearance | Agnieszka Oszust
Privacy | Georgia Papp
Three Things | Jo Parker
Hate Compounded | Aphra Pell
Last Laugh | S. D. Platt
Black Crow | David Potter
Black and White | Jennifer Rock
Issy | Silvana Simic-Bentley
Burning Memories | Jeanette Stampone
No More Darkness | Bryana Louise Thomas
Lovers' Tangle | Jacqueline Trott
Millennial Skin | Jacqueline Trott
Skeleton Dance | Jacqueline Trott
Away From Me | Mick Wiley



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