The SHIRT STORY Short Story Contest   STORY CONTEST GUIDELINES Taking ‘Magical Realism’ as your genre, write a story about the importance of a shirt. It might be a particular shirt, a magical shirt, a favourite shirt, shirts in general. But it should absolutely, postively, be about shirts. The word length in up to… Read More

With Pyschological Horror as the theme for this week’s award we are guaranteed some deep and creepy short stories.  We begin with Sebastian Melbourne’s ‘EXCUSES’. Melbourne doesn’t pull and punches with this quickfire short story that begins like Kafka’s Metamorphosis before changing gears into a Herman Hess like dreamstate and finally pulling out the Poe.… Read More


      SHORT STORY CONTEST GUIDELINES   In less than 800 words write a horror story about a geologist who really, really loves their work. The geologist can be the protagonist, antagonist, or both. Do some research on geology, and try to incoporate technical references or terminology but still make the story accessible to… Read More