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How do you waste time at work? 

Naylor Leather

Amy Short

Bertie Beats The Tweets Award

Hugo pushed open the door, his bag strapped to his back and the subtle glances from the other workers on the floor at the new arrival.

“Hi, I’m Hugo, I’m meant to be meeting William, today’s my first day.”

“Of course, Hugo, I’m Simon,” he said with a big, booming voice. He approached Hugo with a fist bump, the newbie unsure what to do and Simon pulled it back, gesturing the way into William’s office.

Simon led the way, talking into his headset and organising the details of next week’s charity dinner and whether or not they needed to employ agency staff for the expected busy period coming up in the next month.

“Give me one minute, Helen, I’ve just got to introduce Will to the new guy,” Simon spoke into his headset. He knocked on the boss’ door, a gruff ‘come in’ welcoming them. “This is Hugo, he’s joining us for the foreseeable future, I’ll leave him with you.”

“Thank you, Simon.”

William stood from his desk and greeted Hugo with a handshake. His coat hung from his body with a glamorous shine and a blend of white and brown. The King Charles Spaniel held an air of authority, the room responding to every silent command and Hugo could not deny that it was intimidating.

The office gave Hugo a sense of his personality, a picture hung on the wall of William and those who Hugo assumed were his family. Plaques hung on the wall of awards and honours achieved for both the company and the man behind it.

“I won’t bore you with all the tenuous details of how we work, I don’t like that. I’ll take you out onto the shop floor and you can get comfortable.”

The shop floor was hectic. Every desk was occupied and everyone seemed as if they were doing a different job, some sorting through piles and piles of paper while others tapped away on keyboards and observed data. There was shouting across the room, raised voices over differences of opinion and thanks over advice and guidance.

William raised a paw to his mouth and coughed, the whole room falling silent at the signature demand of silence. All faces turned to them and Hugo shied away under the pressure, the attention not normally focused in his direction, let alone half on him.

“This is Hugo, he will be joining the team. Rosie, he’s on your branch so take care of him. Chop chop.”

Rosie waved Hugo over and he sat down at the desk appointed to him. He found a list of codes and numbers attached to the phone. Rosie perched on the edge of the desk, waiting until Hugo had finished overwhelming himself. When she saw him relax more, she began to talk.

“So, the basics of your job is to search for complaints of our brand in social media. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, the whole lot. Sweet talk them and offer them a deal. What you can offer for their problems is on the sheet to your left, if you’re not sure, ask me.”

“Got it.”

Hugo logged onto the computer using the username and password assigned to his computer and began to scroll through the Internet. He started with Twitter, searching for Naylor Leather and awaited the results. The majority were positive, praising the smooth finish, stylish features and sturdy handles.

The minority were not so great. Some complained of rips and tears whilst one went to the trouble of dedicating thirty tweets to the story of how her handle snapped in the middle of her local supermarket and her belongings went from the fruit and veg to the dairy aisle – and that’s just the short version.

Things got interesting during lunch when he found a page dedicated to cute human pics and funny OAP videos.

He would get back to the complaints later but for now, he would navigate his way throughout social media and hopefully, just hopefully, would find a place for himself at Naylor Leather.