Of Blood and Shadows Part 3 | Sam Aro

Part 3 of Sam Aro’s Blood and Shadows quartet.

Of Bood And Shadows

Part 3

Sam Aro

The Queen’s Cryptographer Award: Part 3

For a moment Dan dropped everything else, the mark, the chef, his wife. All he knew was that one of his servants might be gone forever. He rushed to the room where Si lay with blood smeared over her head.

Dan was off with her to the chapel even before Kenweg caught up with him. A slimmer of hope still stood, hope that Si could be saved. But it was too late, there was nothing to be done.

With heavy steps Dan left the chapel. He felt guilty. Si would never have died if he would have acted differently. But what should he have done?
Wandering about the corridors he suddenly heard voices from a room up ahead. At first he paid them no heed, he was dwelling in his own guilt., but then one of them mentioned Si.

“Make sure no trace can be seen.” The voice continued.

“But the chef never cleans up after he has cut himself.” A obviously younger voice protested.

“Do as I tell you! We don’t want any memory of today, and don’t forget to clean the mark outside”

At that moment Dan recognized the voice. It was Kenweg. Dan was just about to approach them when he realized something was off. How did Kenweg know about the mark outside, and how had Si died? Kenweg had never clarified this, simply stating that she was dead.

“Tell me, Kenweg”, Dan said stepping through the door. “how did Si die?”
For a brief moment the servant had an alarmed expression on his face, but he regained his composure quickly.

“Tragically she threw herself, head first, against the stonewall. I was too far away to stop her.”

“Then tell me this.” Dan hissed. “Why did she do it…?” When Kenweg gave no answer Dan continued. “Was it because the man she was terrified of sat in the same room as she when she was bound, or was it not she who did it after all?” Kenwegs calm crumbled as he understood what Dan was saying, and finally it broke with Dan’s last question. “Why don’t you tell me all about the symbols.”

Kenwegs expression distorted into something wild as he tried to fight his fear. The servant boy saw best to disappear from the vicinity as the wrath of his master clearly was meant for someone else.

“I… I can explain.” Kenweg tried, but Dan’s fist hit the wall behind him. “It’s your wife!” Kenweg screamed.