Of Blood And Shadows | Sam Aro

Of Blood And Shadows

Sam Aro

The Queen’s Cryptographer Award: Part 2

“Who!” Dan rushed up to Si. “Who told you not to tell?” He was now shaking her. He had to get answers. “Tell m…” He began, but stoped. Si was crying uncontrollably and deaf to the world around her.

Carefully Dan released her and let her lean against the wall. Not knowing what else to do he sat down beside her and began to sing. He wasn’t a very good singer, but his voice was calm and controlled. Soon enough Si stoped crying. She didn’t say anything, only sat quietly as Dan sang.

Suddenly the door opened and Dan stoped singing instinctively. It was Kenweg. “Sir.” He whispered in a polite manner. “There is a situation in the entrance hall that requires your immediate attention.”

Dan threw Si a glance before sighing heavily. “Keep an eye on her, I’ll be back shortly.”


Dan stormed through the halls until he reached the entrance. There two guards held Ranter Veil, the chef.

“What’s going on?” Dan thundered. The guards shied away a moment, but Ranter was quick to respond.

“I’m innocent, I didn’t take it, I swear. One of the cats must…” A stern look from Dan silenced him. Instead one of the guards stood forth to answer Dan’s question.

“The necklace your wife lost, we found it in his room. He claims he doesn’t know how it got…”

“I don’t have time for this.” Dan growled cutting the guard of. “Lock him up and I’ll see to it tomorrow.”

“Have mercy!” Ranter cried out and practically threw himself on Dan. Immediately the guards were there to drag the former chef of his swearing master.

As the guards headed of with Ranter, Dan made his way back towards the kitchen. Halfway there something caught his attention. On the wall outside something red was shimmering in the moonlight.

Even though Dan was in a hurry, he took a moment to inspect what it was. It almost looked like someone had written something. But no, it wasn’t writing. Who would write one letter. One letter surrounded by a circle.

A disturbing feeling fell over Dan as he realized it. It was another mark. A circle surrounding the letter S.

Thoughts flashed in Dan’s mind as he heard Kenweg come running. It was odd, since Kenweg rarely ran, only when something was terribly wrong.

“Master.” Kenweg gasped. “Damsel Si dead.”