NiTH Patron Discounts On Writing Courses

Horror Short Story Editing, Proofreading & Feedback

Patrons and Subscribers can now receive discounts on writing courses. Just our way of saying thanks for supporting Needle In The Hay.

Patron & Subscriber Discounts On Writing Courses

We think writing courses are important!

We also know how expensive they can be.

That’s why we are bringing you short learning courses with a difference. Patrons & Subscribers can now receive discounts on writing courses regardless of your pledge level. Not only will you get the course, but you’ll receive all those sweet benefits from Patreon as well. Oh yeah!

How It Works

Signing up is easy:

  1. Make sure you’re backing our Patreon Campaign.
  2. Grab the password from the Patreon stream.
  3. Sign up for the course you want to do.
  4. Use the Patrons & Subscribers option when it comes time to process your payment.
  5. Don’t want to use Patreon?  We have a Paypal Option as well.

Available Courses

Introduction To WriteUp

Discount: 50%

Learn how to create and maintain positive writing habits with this skills based course that includes writing a short stories in the genres of your choosing.

The Multi-Narrative Novel – Ensembles, Linked Stories, & Serial Fiction

Discount: 50%

Discover your ability to write dazzling stories involving multiple points of view and bring them together into engaging stories.

Mastering Flash Fiction Writing Course

Discount: 50%

Flash is the building block of great fiction. Discover the techniques for mastering brevity with an active voice, and learn how to use flash in long form creative writing.

Offers valid until July 31 2016

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