The ROSA Award


The ROSA Short Fiction Contest 2012 was Needle In THe Hay’s first writing contest. Six authors competed with a wide variety of stories across a variety of genres. Our eventual winner was Dhaval Mehta, for his story ‘Beach Vactation’.

You can read all the short listed stories for this contest below, as well as the original award criteria.


Short List


Beach Vacation by Dhaval Mehta (Winner!)

Gregg and his special needs carer decide to break all the rules.

 The Interview by Cassie Kosarek

Ostensibly a short story about a job interview, Cassie Kosarek makes this story sing as a closely written character study.

The Visitor by Helen Rose Schneider

Suicidal Screams by Holly Riordan

Pool Parties In Venice by Tashiina Buswa

So It Begins by Jason Fink

Lending his trademark style of moving between the profane and the profound, Jason imagines what it might be like to inhabit the mind of a true leader, well before he is old enough to know his calling.

We Owe It To You by Maroula Blades

Though it’s a short read, We Owe It To You has the special condition of being a story you can read over and over, even read aloud, and feel a connection, a chill, or warmth.

ROSA Short Story Contest 2012


On December 1, 1955, aboard a bus in Alabama, Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat.

Conducted before a handful of people in an age without internet, this refusal of authority sparked a civil rights movement that steered the course of American history.

The ROSA is the inaugural award for Needle In The Hay. In honour of Parks, you are encouraged to write a story of no more than 1000 words dealing the theme “Non compliance in the 21st century.”

Entry is open to everyone. You don’t need to write specifically about Rosa Parks. It can be anything you want. But while there are no genre requirements,  consider the theme carefully before making your decision.


ROSA Award

Announced: Nov 6th 2012

Submission Date: Dec 1st 2012

Short List: Dec 3-8 2012

Winner Announced: Dec 9th 2012

Word Count: 1000

Prizes: $300 (Winner)

Eligibility: Open to everyone