Winner Announcement | Kneel In The Grass, Bison Award

Four authors graced our short list last week, each keen to take on the Kneel In The Grass, Bison Award where we asked authors to personify an animal who makes first contact with an alien being.

Simple Stuff, really.

Lydia Trethewey’s brilliantly titled Paper Makers and the Silver Intruder took us to the micro scale of bugs:

Don’t alarm,’ says the creature, waving its cadmium-coloured antennae.

Confusion blooms inside Yellow. The creature’s body looks like a wasp, with an extra set of wings and legs, but it is silvery-white in colour and the bright orange antennae shout danger.

‘We come to find you, kin of the blue dew-drop.’

While Alicia Bruzzone’s winged ockers have very little patience for outsiders in Swoop to Kill:

“KEV!” I scream in garbled call, relying on my family for reinforcements. My sister’s bird isn’t my favourite relative, but his feathers ruffle like unfurling wattle flowers when one of us is threatened.

“What’s up, Barry?” Kev chuckles with a cheeky flash of beak as he attacks, the tip coming out green from whatever he’s managed to peck.

Nick Lachmund steps into the mind of a crafty feline in An Unwanted Visitor:

“You may come in peace,” I begin. “But you will not find it here.”
“Why do you say that, my small friend?”
“Quite simply,” my inner voice is slow and precise. “The people of this world do not practice peace.

And newcomer and recent winner Madeleine Stevens takes us deep beneath the waves to find our alien visitor inThe Lost Fish:

The creature’s long, solid fin extended even further to twist around its body to a hole not dissimilar to my own blow-hole. As the shell approached, the hole enlarged. The big light from above shone onto the deceptively innocent-looking shell and I realised what was about to happen.

Winner Announcement

Our winner this week is no stranger to the winner’s circle, having nabbed several victories towards the end of 2015, it looks like Alicia Bruzzone is going be big 2016 as well, taking first place in this week’s award!


Congratulations Alicia on your win! And a big thank you to our tireless judges, and to everyone who participated!

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