Winner Announcement: To The Nines Part 8

Sorry for the late Winner’s Announcement this week.

I had a big article in mind talking about various things to do judging etc but wasn’t really happy with it. The core point is that I’ve been looking for ways to show everyone a bit more insight into how the judging process works. Today I’m going to post a graph, and you should be able to determine the winner from that.

This graph shows all the points allocated as a percentage. Why am I doing it this way?

Since Needle In The Hay first started I’ve been reticent to release hard data on scores given by our judges. I don’t just mean publically either. Writers who have been with us for a while know that if you ask for your actual score privately, I’m most likely going to dissuade you from it. The main reason is the scores don’t really tell you anything. A 5/10 from one judge might mean more than a 7/10 from another. Meanwhile, feedback is a more engaging dialogue that actually gives you something to work on, and tell you what you are doing right.

In this case I think qualitative is more important than quantitative. But I’d still like to supply some quantitative data now and then, so here it is… Winner Announcement as graph. Congrats to our winner!

Winner Announcement


One thought on “Winner Announcement: To The Nines Part 8

  1. I like the pie chart angle – it’d be good to see more of this for other closely contested awards!

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