Winner Announcement: WOLVES III

Between the final chapters of Flintlocks & Folly and To The Nines we were treated to the penultimate serials for WOLVES. Authors were asked to consider love of self and love of others with an opportunity to bare one’s teeth or bare one’s soul.

For this week’s winners announcement, I thought we’d recap the stories with a sampling from what the judges thought of each story, so let’s recap:

Daryn Govender | The Forest

The judges said:

Good story. Strong ending and the overall narrative was very engaging. The inclusion of family related themes draws the reader in and develops the emotional aspect of your writing. I also like the way you’ve brought back the father.

Madeline Pettet | Two Hearts

The judges said:

A great writing style- it was very smooth and fluent, I could really immerse myself in the world you had created because you had a great balance between show and tell, description and dialogue

Ian Harrison | A Change Of Heart

The judges said:

I have to say I love the naughty thrill you get from reading someone’s diary, so this story just keeps on giving. The Author has managed to keep the flow and tension throughout, even with flashback readings which is no mean feat.

Cam Dang | Bleed

The judges said:

A good writing style which portrays emotions well and also evokes a response from the reader. As a result, I really hate the son and brother- good job

Tobias Madden | White Rose

The judges said:

A unique twist in an already unique take on the wolf genre which contributes to the character development and elevates the stereotypical teenage girls into more three-dimensional characters. Nice use of a teenage perspective through language which has been consistent across the instalments also contributes to character and setting.

C.R. Gardner | The Long Winter

The judges said:

Great character development and strong action. The narrative is developing to be very suspenseful and I can’t wait to see what happens next. Clave’s death was also REALLY cool and I think you should develop it more if you get the chance later.

Jeanette Stampone | The Hunted

The judges said:

Talk about heart in throat. The Author has the reader sitting on the edge of their seat with the fantastic pace she has set.

Winner Announcement

This week’s winner was a rare opportunity to see a writer really pull ahead of the pack. Typically short list scores are like wolves in flight, grouped tightly together. This week’s winner however, was a clear 3.5 points of their nearest rival and a massive 6 points above the group average.

With such a positive response from our judges we can emphatically declare Madeline Pettet our winner this week!

Two Hearts takes Amazing Grace to new levels with a fluid and engaging writing style that really draws the reader into the story. Madeline frequently volunteers to judge at NiTH. So I’d you’re looking for a way to improve your writing beyond just entering comps, maybe volunteering with NiTH could give you the inside track.

Thanks to our judges and Up now we have the final episode of the the longest running award in NiTH’s history. Part 9 of the To The Nines Award is up now. Check it out.