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NiTH Contests are unlike any writing contest you've entered. They are fast, friendly, and everyone who enters receives feedback from our team of editors & judges.

Structured as an ongoing series of weekly writing competitions based around a broad selection of writing prompts, Writers are free to enter any contest, and all authors receive feedback from our judges on what the liked (any what can be improved) in their work.

The 2018 Major Contest Is Here!

We’re asking authors to delve deep into the darker side of human emotion and memory in this Major Prize for 2018. Find the full details below.


Major Comp

Needle In The Hay Short Story Contests

Human Jokes | Sophie L Macdonald

Human Jokes Sophie L Macdonald The Death and Public Speaking Award ‘This isn’t real,’ I wanted to say but, of course, no words could form, as they had already muted me. The engineers and programmers were pacing the room, keeping […]

Prisoner’s Dilemma | Sachin Sharma

  Prisoner’s Dilemma Sachin Sharma The Death and Public Speaking Award   Sonu walked on the stage as if he was walking the last mile. He reached for the mic and spoke nervously but the words never left his mouth. […]

The Iron Clad Alias Award

This award about multiple identities is due Sunday 19th August 2018.

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