2020: Tomorrow’s Future Today by Francis Fukuyama [3,400 copies sold]
Author of The End of History assures us that this time history really has ended as we enter an age of peace and prosperity.

Love and Lasers by David Horst [12,780]
Horst’s debut science-fiction novel originally written as fanfiction of One Dark and Mysterious Night, which was originally fanfiction of 50 Shades of Grey, which was originally fanfiction of Twilight, delivers the best of all these novels with vampires, romance, mystery and lasers.

The Resurgence of IS: Where the West went South by Someone Someone [4,677]
A testament to Western failure in the 2015-2017 Syria-Iraq War that provides a chilling account of recent IS expansion into North Africa and Southern Europe.

Asian Century Decade by Joseph Stiglitz [3,210]
Renowned economist Stiglitz explains the reasons for China’s unexpected decline and what it means for the world economy.

Prime Ministerial Poetry by Gina Rinehart [8,512]
Morbid fascination has attracted millions to read what experts have described as “the death of the English language”. This excerpt speaks for itself:
“Who do they think they’re fooling?
We know the globe is cooling!
Burn coal! Coal! COAL!”

Where did the money go? By Jim Young Kim [4,582]
World Bank President tries to answer the question on everyone’s lips as every major economy faces collapse.

Putin’s Story: The CIA Strikes Back by Matthew Reilly [6,783]
Reilly’s first foray into non-fiction proves just as entertaining as his other works.

Globe of Crisis: I told you so! by Zbigniew Brzezinski [3,087]
A famous geo-strategist’s exposé on the aggressive expansion of the Sino-Russian Caliphate.

The New States of America by Rush Limbaugh [7,155]
Talk show host turned CSA President, Limbaugh, defends his controversial new nation.

Disarm! By Russel Brand [9,122]
This moving plea for peace to world leaders has transformed Brand from comedian to potential saviour.

Bible and the Qur’an [7.3billion]

A Plough and You by Kelly Chapman [128]
This pictorial guide to farming guarantees a successful harvest for even the most agriculturally disinclined.