For the ROSALIE GOES BOPPING award we asked you to write about the theme of music and character. It was great to see some fresh faces and new voices on the short list.

She had enough.
Three knives; three BULLS-EYES against the wall.

That’s from Rebecca Xu’s Repetition. A mournful, chaotic tale of insanity, addiction, and music.

Michael Drew’s Country Boy covered the life of whiskey drinking, Otis Spann tooting Charlie as he moved through landscapes and towns in eight short vignettes.

Similarly epic in scope. Candace Davis’ Her Painted Melody weaves a tale of Parisian wealth, war, melody and music. Covering three generations of women in a short story isn’t easy, but that’s what makes Candace’s piece so interesting.

Levi Ender’s Scream is a magical tale about a girl with the power to lull people to sleep with her voice until, after a tragic accident, she can no longer sing. A mesmerising fable that in the vein of Paulo Coelho.

Perhaps the most divisive among our judges, Kristy Armitage’s of Heart and Mind is, true to it’s title, philosophical and poetic in it’s dark examination of anger and music. Dense, lyrical, and definitely worth a read:

He referred to one as ‘The Poison’ and one as ‘The Antidote’, but they were interchangeable. Neither were safe, but neither were dangerous

Coming in second place is Madeline Pettet’s Four Legged Ballet. Ever come across Equestrian dressage and wondered what it’s all about. Madeline canters us through a young girl’s practise session set to the most unlikely score.

As for this week’s winner, well emotion, memory, and music are all closely linked.  As one commenter noted, ‘Music is important in unlocking memories’, so it’s no real surprise that our winner this week is Jewel Gray, with her touching piece about age, memory, family and music.

Congratulations Jewel!

You can read her piece here

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