3 Short Stories You Should Probably Try And Read This Week

Everyone want to read more, but making time for reading is hard. We’ve scoured the internet (ok maybe like 1/10th of it) for the best short fiction going round. Here’s your weekly dose



1. Rosalee Carrasco by Tomika M Breland

From prestigious Ploughshares literary rag, Rosalee circles several lifetimes around a fateful day in middle school. What’s really on show is the form, where Tomika finds ways to share important parts of the characters lifes without using flashback.

Misery, jealousy, fear, adolescence, bullying and violence all coalesce in this remarkable short story.

2 Among the Sighs of the Violoncellos by Daniel Ausema


We have begun a painstaking study of the sounds the leaves of different plants make when the wind blows through them, so that when the novelty of the scented garden wears off, we can spread the rumor of even deeper secrets, found only through the ears. We will sell masks that cover the eyes and pinch the nose shut, so the sounds will be made more immediate.

You might know Ausema from his serialised Spire City books but this short story is an entirely different beast. To say any more would ruin it, so read on, and read it twice if you need to.


3. The Godzilla Sonnets by Jo Walton

Well technically this is poetry but with gems like:

She raged and roared, but failed at family,

Her sons wreak devastation, fight and fall,

Her daughters seek to bury them, but see,

One destiny to perish over all.

How can you not read.

From love to Shakespeare and Baldur, Jo Walton’s cycle of sonnets place Godjira in a variety of poetic contexts that are as clever as they are amusing.