3 Winner Announcements!

A triskele of terrific stories with three winner announcements this week. Read on to find out more.

Winner Announcement: Historical Factions Part 3

It’s been a while since we said farewell and adieu to the Historical Factions serial award. Four authors new and returning brought us tales of average people caught up in the turmoil of historical events.

Egbert Hillson was a giant of a boy. By the age of seven he could hold a fully grown pig above his head, by ten a bull and by thirteen a fully armoured knight and his horse.

Junia wondered how many interesting sketches were within the thousands of scrolls she had already walked past. And how many hours of careful work had gone into making each piece of papyrus?

Keytahn pulled himself to his feet and stumbled down the slope and across the plain. Screams were carried on the wind with the acrid scent of burning flesh and animal skins. The conflagration rose into the darkening firmament, closer with every step.

“A boy? A slave with a message?” Cornelia set the scroll aside on the small, mosaic covered table. She plucked up the incised silver cup, the dancing cupids in sharp relief against her hand as she drank her watered falernian.

It was one of the most closely fought contests in our recent history, with only a single point separating all four writers. By a a mere 0.3 of a point, Liam Pender managed to snatch the winner’s prize with a great conclusion to his engaging and epic Glass Key series. Congrats Liam and too all who took place in each part of the serial contest.

Winner Announcement: FAQ Quest Award

Two authors with terrific pedigrees took the stage for the FAQ Quest Award. Asking writers to take us on an epic quest using the Frequently Asked Questions format, we were both surprised and entertained by the offerings from authors Joey To and Lydia Trethewey.


  • GLX-23, Joey To’s guide to a futuristic, shape shifting mall, is written in his trademark cynical humour with reference to at least one reoccurring ‘To-ish’ character.

A weirdo in a black cloak holding a scythe is following me. What do I do?
GLX is an equal opportunity employer and we value diversity. This individual is our highly capable Chief Operations Officer (COO).

This option is the simplest, but also least likely to succeed. Plant your legs firmly and shake your head. This can be enough to dislodge the cone, although your human may simply replace it when they notice.

Coincidentally. my dog was granted his own cone of shame today. But while Lydia’s story was a romp for puppy parents everywhere, she was beaten to the finish line by an impressive effort from master wordsmith Joey To. Congrats Joey on your win!


Winner Announcement: Avocado With Interest Award

Lydia Trethewey returned to the shortlist up against newcomer Clara Fidler-Brown in the Avocado With Interest Award. Authors were asked to write a piece of flash fiction about primary production, looking at the effects of modernisation and industrialisation on the industry.

  • Clara Fidler-Brown is off to a strong start with her powerful debut story, Roots:

Deterioration permeates the dust, one that contains a distinctive charcoal hue, it’s fragility crumbling over the barricaded entrance of the derelict coal mine. A withered hand brushes this soot; a hand composed of profound lines defined by age, yet the faintest touch of a callus quality – the hands of a tradesman.

  • While Pioneer’s Pride is a departure in style for Lydia Trethewey, but not in content:

McDowell slumped at the table and picked up his knife and fork. He was ravenous, but couldn’t eat. His wife plucked at the carcass with a listless expression. She didn’t know what to do now, without the farm.

Both stories took the theme of the award to heart. While the award title may have been tongue in cheek, the stories were heartfelt and sincere. But there can only be one winner (or in this case, three). Our third winner today and winner of the Avocado With Interest Award is Lydia Trethewey!

Congratulations to all our competitors over the past few weeks.  With these winner announcements we’re just about all caught up, so keep a look out for more competitive writing fun and drop us a comment if you’d like to see a particular award over the coming weeks.