5 Things You Should Know About Mitch Sinclair

Journey to Harbourtown, a futurepunk city on the brink of collapse, and meet our man on the ground, computer programmer Mitch Sinclair.

What is your name?

My name is Mitch Sinclair, I’m a computer programmer, of sorts. I don’t have any fancy credentials, I went to university for a bit but in general I’m self taught. What I do is complicated, and possibly illegal. Few people know of my existence, until now, I suppose.

Where do you live?

An industrial estate. It’s bigger than most, the size of a small city. I won’t tell you where, but it’s not abandoned, there are many of us living here. I wish I could tell you more but that’s simply not safe. Please, no matter how much you like my story, don’t try to find me. I’ve put many of us at risk already and for others it’s already too late.

What’s happening that I should care?

Nothing I suppose. I mean, it’s already too late to stop it, we’re all part of it now whether we like it or not. I guess if we were to swap places I would want to know the truth, no matter how awful, so it’s here for people like me, people who want to wake up.

If that’s not you I’m sorry.

What do you do?

I guess I kind of answered that already but to elaborate, imagine there are two kinds of tea, there is green, and then there is black. Some people buy the green tea some people the black. What I do is create a thousand other kinds of tea, all the different colours of the rainbow but all pretty much fake, basically made from green or black tea rebranded. Now green tea and black tea are competing in a fractured market. When the time is right, I sell to the highest bidder. All the rainbow teas suddenly become black, or green, depending.

It’s made me a lot of money, almost zero friends and a whole bunch of enemies.

What can I expect?

I know it sounds cliche, but the unexpected. Really. What I have to tell you is for human eyes alone. That should tell you something, but that’s the best I can do. They’re always tracking, you see. So I gotta go about it quietly, trick them into not finding us. It’s not easy, trying to stay hidden on the web.