“You have them?” Alex asked when I arrived home. I nodded, with a slight blush on my face.

“Where are they?”

I didn’t answer but put my purse on the kitchen table. I lifted the evidence up and saw Alex’s eyes widening. He got that blush on his cheeks I like so much, the blush that he usually had before we ended up in bed.

“Let’s try them out, “ he continued.

“What, now?” I asked in surprise.

“Sure, why not? I would love to try them out.”

I took the cuffs out and Alex grabbed my hand and pulled me along. We quickly ascended the stairs and I felt myself getting more and more excited. We were going to do this, my first experience as my husband’s slave, totally subdued to his biddings and lusts.

We arrived in the bedroom and quickly tossed away our clothes. Naked, we fell on the bed and he immediately pinned me down as a true Master. He took the cuffs and looked at them. They were made of metal with a furry coating, keeping the odds of getting wounded by the experience to a minimum.

Alex took my hand and clicked the cuff on my wrist. I was getting pretty hot now, this felt so naughty and dangerous. He bent over me to pull the free shackle through the bars of the bed’s head, and I couldn’t resist and bit his nipple.

“Hey, you’re not supposed to do that! I am your Master!”

“Oh, I’m sorry, Sir,” I giggled, and tried to behave. He finally managed to pull the chain through, and when he closed the shackle around my other wrist and started to push it into a locked position, I felt intense pain and started to scream.

Alex nearly fell off the bed in surprise and quickly looked from my face to my wrist to see what was wrong. He noticed that my skin had been caught in the shackle and quickly adjusted it. Luckily, it hadn’t locked yet and he was able to do so, and my wrist showed a clear line that was reddening quickly.

“Oh my God, I’m so sorry, “ Alex said, “are you okay?”

“Yes, it’s okay now, I’m sorry for screaming so hard but it caught me by surprise.”

“Me too, I almost fell off the bed,” he laughed, “do you want me to stop?”

“No, please, continue”

I refrained from distracting him and he was able to cuff me up without causing pain this time. He sat back and enjoyed the view over my body, which he clearly liked as I saw him licking his lips. I couldn’t help feeling very sexy like this, laying spread out and helpless before my husband.

Alex wasn’t a harsh man, but he tried to play his role as best he could. With a sneer he kissed my breasts rather hard and gave me a rough slap on the tush. I shrieked, more to prevent myself from giggling as he looked so comical like this, and he felt encouraged to begin licking my privates.

I pulled at my chains at the sensation, and when I first felt the feeling rise, I thought I was getting close to a high already. But then, to my horror, I realized what it was.

“Oh God, Alex, please stop, I…I…”

Alex kept licking me, as if he hadn’t heard me at all.

“Alex, stop now, please. I have to…!”

I usually take a quick bathroom stop before we get to it, but the situation kind of surprised me and now I was paying the price. Alex lifted his head and had a grin on his face.

“You didn’t use the safe word, Maya.”

Safe word? What was he talking about? I was looking at him in confusion, and could only feel my urge rising. Then it finally struck me: of course, BDSM play requires a safe word, but when did we agree on one?

I took me several attempts, during which the prick returned to licking me, unaware he was licking a time bomb that was about to explode in his face. I was considering letting go and have him face the consequences – but guess who would have to clean the mess up afterwards – when it came back to me.

“Kangaroo! It was kangaroo! Now stop, Alex, and set me free!”

He stopped, still with that grin on his face, and straddled me.

“Okay, what was the emergency now?”

“I have to pee, Alex, really bad! And I mean really bad! So set me free at once.”

The grin finally left his face and he got off me. Then he realized I couldn’t walk away with my hands still cuffed, and he took my left wrist in his hand.

“How does this thing open?” he asked.

“With a key.”

“And the key is where?”

“It’s still in my purse,” I answered, realizing how little we were prepared for this. Alex got off the bed and dashed to the kitchen. It took him minutes before he came back, holding a big key in his hands.

“No, you idiot! That’s my car key. It’s a set of two identical small keys on a little ring. Oh please, hurry, I really have to go!”

He hurried away again and I tried pressing my legs together tightly to help me keep everything inside. I yelled at him to look faster.

“I can’t find them,” he shouted back from downstairs, ”are you sure they are in here?”

“Yes, I never took them out! Maybe they dropped?”

I could barely hold on anymore. Oh shit, what if they’re lost?

Finally, he returned with the correct keys in his hands.

“I found them under the table, where they must have slid when you took the cuffs out.”

He quickly unlocked me and I dashed into the bathroom, leaving Alex behind with a small yellow spot where I had been lying, the silent evidence I had almost made it, but not entirely.

And so my first day as my husband’s slave ended in the bathroom, seated on the toilet and with my face buried in my hands in shame, not planning on ever leaving this room anymore…


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