Creative Writing Prompts To Get The Ink Flowing

Want to write something right now but need a primer to get you started? We’ve compiled a list of some of our most creative writing prompts, ideas that challenge the imagination to give birth to something new and creative.

Don’t stress too much about writing the perfect story, just let go and enjoy yourself. Let those creative juices flow!

1) Midnight At The Jazz Bar

Everyone knows that after dark the world is a different place. The rush settles down and music plays through the bar. Strangers become friends and sometimes friends become strange. Who’s at the jazz bar tonight? What has brought them here? What secrets do they hide?

2) Marble World

Imagine the sky as glass, like living inside of a giant marble. That would make the moons and other planets also marbles. Where are the marbles rolling? What’s life like down there on that marble planet? What does everyone do all day?


3) A Special Snowflake

Now is the time for change. Each of us has the potential to do something amazing, but a snowflake is only unique under the microscope. Put a bunch of snowflakes together and it just becomes snow.

Write a story about being unique, about the power to change, and what happens when that uniqueness is overwhelmed by the force of the crowd.


4) Tabby Cat

Everyday after school the same Tabby cat follows her home, darting from fence to post, up walls and across roof tops. It’s only when she stops to shoo it away that the girl realises the Tabby cat can talk to her. Not in the way humans converse, but in her mind.

What does the cat tell her?

And what happens next?


5) Guardian Angel

She seemed just like an ordinary girl. Then she told you she was your guardian angel, sent to watch over you. She seems so nice. Beautiful and kind with a melodic voice and a shining aura. Why then is she telling you to buy that gun?


6) A Place To Call My Own

One of our favourite creative writing prompts for ‘describing’ an imaginative place.

“The house of my dreams sits on a farm not far from here, overlooking a placid lake.”

What does it look like? Something weird I hope.

How many rooms are in the house, or does that change on a deadly basis?

What materials were used in the construction, bricks and mortar or something more unusual?

And why do I want to live there… Is it sentimental value or just to get away from my problems?


7) This Charming Man

She warned her sister to stay away from guys like that. Guys who didn’t care about anyone but themselves. He’s so weird, as well. Almost like he’s from another planet.

It’s only when she sees him that night, standing in a misty field, naked by the light of the moon, that she actually consider as he might just be… Alien.

(Can always switch the gender on this one.)

8) Breaking Bad Writing Prompt

Write something deliberately bad, without breaking the rules of spelling or grammar. You might want to poke fun at other writing styles, or your own.

  • Include the phrase “No, this is definitely tomato paste.”

Read some deliberately bad stories written to this prompt.

  1. The Man With The Scary Eyes | Alex Braude
  2. Double Crossed | Bamber McG
  3. The Unbearable Lightness of Black Holes | Jason Fink
  4. A Teardrop In My Heart | Cory O’Neile
  5. The Doorbell | Maya Spore

9) Fake Review Writing Prompt

Imagine a made up film or television show (or use a real one if that helps) and writing a scathing, satirical, or overly enamoured review about it from the POV of a character of your choosing.

Read some stories written to this prompt

10) Animate Material

Write about an inanimate object that comes to life. It could be a clock or pair of gloves, a vest or a jar of peanut butter. Give this new being a name and write about their adventures in the first moments of them coming to life. Read some of the stories written to this prompt.

11) Porcupines Need Love Too

Create a character who has trouble connecting with others. Their problem might be physical, emotional or mental. Come up with a resolution, even if its temporary. Read some of the stories written for this prompt

12) You’re a star

You don’t win awards or pull top billing without breaking a few hearts, making a few enemies, and leaving a few people… and bodies… behind.

13) Multi Focal

Your mind’s all over the place and you can’t concentra… what’s that? Just a squirrel… Anyway you just need to focus for a bit to get his story… Wow that really is a big squirrel…

14) Arrow To The Knee

“It wasn’t so long ago that I was destined for greatness. People knew me. They knew my face, that knew what I was about. Then I took an arrow to the knee.”

15) Deep House

We came to the country to get away from things. To spend more time together as a family. But this house, it’s so much bigger than our old apartment. It just keeps going, and going, and going.

16) Fully Functional

When was the last time you go things done. I mean, really got things done? Meditrance is a patented chemical composite that can be ingested in both pill and liquid form. Best thing about it? It’s guaranteed to make you a Fully Functional, efficient, powerful machine.

17) The Entail

She was a spinster who lived alone her entire adult life. But when Old Lady Naysmith finally passed away it wasn’t long before everyone in the town knew she had left a great fortune… To who?

Who is this person?

Why did Old Lady Naysmith leave them this fortune?

What do they intend to do with it, and who is standing in their way?

18) Burgerboy

It’s a delicous looking burger that one, isn’t it.

Soft round bun. Juicy spiced beef. Rivers of mustard with little onion lifeboats flowing down the side. I bet you just can’t wait to sink your teeth into…


You are woken from your daydream by an unfamiliar voice.

“Hey, down here. Before you eat me, maybe you’d like to hear my story…”


19) Thriftstore

Thanks to Ian Harrison for this one.

She tried on a jacket from an op shop but there was something in the pocket. Without taking it off, she walked straight up to the counter, paid for the jacket and left the store. Once outside, she opened the pocket again. Inside was a…



That wraps up our list of favourite creative writing prompts. If you’ve got one you want to share, leave it in the contents below, otherwise head over to the NiTH Writing Contests page and enter one if out competitions.

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