The Unseasoned Collaboration

A holiday themed collaboration about meaning and place. Soft genre welcome.

The Unseasoned Collaboration

Collaboration Brief

For this holida- focused collaboration we’re looking for raw and unfiltered stories that take place during breaks, reunions and holidays.

Think family drama, but also non-traditional celebrations, humour and satire are welcome, as are soft genre motifs from Horror, Sci Fi and fantasy.

Think ET not Battlestar Galactica. Think Harry Potter not LoTR.

What draws these stories together is the notion that best laid plans rarely work out, and meaning is found in less than obvious circumstances.

Recommended Story Length

2000-6000 words. Need to go over? Let us know why 😉

Eligibility & Requirements

Authors expected to participate in three rounds of drafting, as well as prodviding (and receiving) feedback from up to three other authors.

Rewards & Editions

All profits divided equally between authors, cover artist and editor(s) for at least 5 years. Digital eBooks in most major marketplaces, as well as limited edition print run via Kickstarter.

Join Up

Send a 50-100 word brief to [email protected] with the project title in the subject line, or sign up via the forums.

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