9 PM.
– Hi!
– Hi! Nice to meet you! Would you like to have a drink with me? – he asked.
5 hours later.
– Good night!
– Good night! I love you! – he whispered.
3rd week.
– I want to hold you so tight so you would become part of me and thus I can carry you everywhere I go.
– Let’s get married!
– Oh, Amore, I love you so much! – he kissed her. – I’ll love you till the end!
Days passed by.
– Oh, you asshole! You small, tiny person! I can’t believe I wasted three months of my life loving you! You don’t deserve any part of me!
– Yeah, right! Then go and scream at someone else, you hysterical bitch!
– Just get out and call me before you come for your stuff so I won’t be here when you are! – The door slammed.
Another day passed by.
– Amore! Did I wake you up? – she said.
– No, no, it’s ok! Did something happen? Are you ok? It’s 3 AM! Are you drunk?
– Don’t worry, everything’s fine! And yes, I’m a bit tipsy! It’s just that…I miss you so much!
– I miss you too, Amore. I love you! Come…come…
More days passed by.
– I can’t believe I’m in the exact same situation as three months ago. You betrayed my trust, my hopes and my dreams and I sincerely want you out of my life for good!
– Oh, my pleasure! And good luck finding someone to go through what I’ve been through with you! – he said and slammed the door on his way out.
Yet another day passed by.
– What are you doing here? – she asked.
– I came to give you your key back…and to say “Hi”.
– How are you?
– I’m not doing well, my love. I’m going crazy without you. The only thing that’s on my mind all day and all night every day is YOU. Don’t you understand, silly, it’s YOU and it will be just YOU! There won’t even be ME anymore! Please, take me back!
– Oh, Love… Come dance with me! – “…cause there’ll be no one but You and me, you and me, nobody baby but You and Me…”
One year.
– I’m so tired! I can’t do this anymore, you selfish bastard! Irresponsible alcoholic!
– I’m not an alcoholic!
– Yeah, keep saying that! Like anyone would believe you!
– You know what? I don’t need this bullshit! I’m out!
– Keep slamming the door! That will prove me wrong! – he was no longer there.
The next day.
– I’m sorry!
– I’m sorry too!
Six months later.
– This can’t go on forever. You can’t be my family. I want to, but it must not happen. You can’t be a role model for kids.
– I know I can’t…And you knew it too from the very beginning!
– I guess I was hoping you could change.
– Why can’t you accept me for who I am?
– Because my vision of what you can be is the better version of what you are right now. I don’t like it anymore. I want more. I need more.
– Right…because you are so perfect! I’m leaving now! You make me love you less every day. –The door slammed.
Days passed by.
– Just to be clear, we are not together but I really need to feel your presence next to me from time to time.
– Ok! Do you want to go on a holiday next weekend?
– Sure!
Almost two years after THE 9 PM. 9 PM.
– Seriously!!! Drunk again?… Out of my house! OUT! NOW!
– Oh, just stop already! OK?
– No, it’s not ok! I don’t want to listen what you have to say, I don’t want to know… I DON’T CARE! DO NOT TOUCH ME! DO NOT KISS ME! JUST GO!
Few days later.
– Hello!
– Yes?
– Hey, do you remember when I asked you to marry me? How stupid were we, right?…Hello…Hello? Can you hear me?…