A Dangerous Love – Ulka | C.R. Gardner

C.R. Gardner brings us part 2 of her musical fantasy love story.

A Dangerous Love – Ulka

C.R. Gardner

Duets & Duvet Award Part 2

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Ulka glanced briefly at the night sky shining through the window as he sprinted to the next room, dodging another magical attack from his pursuers, diving for cover as a lightning bolt took out the wall and floor behind him.

Flying concrete and twisted metal girders slammed into the protective shield he’d placed round the building in an attempt to keep the neutrals safe. ‘Why does this happen every year?’ he thought, dropping through the hole to the level below, rolling and coming face to face with a girl. A child so like Rayvenn that he stopped, barely dodging the silver net she cast at him. Her magic! He could feel his and Rayvenn’s signatures within it, and something more. The words to an ancient song surfaced, “The shimmer of white skies…”

He pushed the words roughly aside, a quick glance around showing him he was trapped. The front doors were not an option; the neutrals would get hurt. He backed towards the far right corner of the room, catching his breath, his pursuers dropping from the ceiling and stepping through the broken wall where the girl still stood. ‘Our daughter! She has Rayvenn’s face and my white hair.’ He couldn’t take his eyes off her.

There was a sound, like rushing wind. The front doors exploded inwards, hurtling across the room. Ulka stared open mouthed at the avenging angel standing in the doorway. ‘Rayvenn!’ he cried out, as she launched herself towards him in a ball of shadow and light. He didn’t move, there was no point. He’d die in her arms tonight and he’d be happy. He caught hold of her shoulders, gasping in pain and staring in horror as her hand disappeared inside him up to her elbow. Blood trickling from his lips he looked up into eyes as black as coal. ‘Forgive me,’ he whispered, his legs giving out him.

‘Oh scheisse! Don’t kill him, Rayvenn! The contract requires him alive!’

‘Remove your hand, Rayvenn,’ said another voice, obviously in charge.

He looked up to see his former pursuers surrounding him, feeling their hands upon him, hauling him upright. He screamed as fire raced through his body, knitting muscle, sinews bone and flesh back together, renewing his energy and focussing his senses.

‘I’m afraid my daughter’s pretty pissed with you. She’s been waiting for seven years…’ said the voice again.

“I have one night only, one night only, I can spend in human form. One night only, at dawn I have to run.”

‘Stop with the singing!’

‘What are you when you are not human?’

‘A white wolf.’


Rayvenn began to sing, “Wake the White Wolf at the dawn of war, the end of the age is a-coming now. Blood of fallen kings, blades of chaos ring, steel and silver sing, for justice. Wake the White Wolf at the dawn of war, the end of the age is a-coming now.”

‘I’m not that White Wolf. She is,” he said, pointing to the girl.

‘How can you know?’

‘It’s in her magic.’ And he sung softly, The shimmer of white skies, she spins to and fro. A flicker of wild eyes, she’s losing control. The shimmer of white skies. I’m haunted at night by her cries. “She’ll pay the debt. Muse to another’s song, heir to another’s wrongs. Unwanted crown…”


* Song Lyrics are in italics & some have been slightly changed to fit with the story.