To: [email protected]
Subject: RE: Employment Application 7214
Date: 14:16, 21.10.2025

Dear Mr Hayward,

Thank you and your staff for granting me the opportunity of an interview last week at your Los Angeles office of Galactic Security Solutions, especially given your initial reluctance due to my age and relative inexperience in field operations. I appreciate your time and was most impressed by the building and its facilities; in particular the computer systems, the training decks and even the toilets.

However, I must admit I am a little baffled by your decision to not avail yourselves of my services. I did state clearly that I can be very flexible with my time despite my other commitments which I believe to be highly advantageous in the field of security services.

I understand my age may be factor, that the company perhaps require persons of seemingly adult and mature appearance. That said, my youthful appearance will aid infiltration and/or distraction in certain mission parameters. With appropriate makeup and clothing, I may even be assumed to be a mere harmless child.

More importantly, I know I passed all psychological evaluations by not actually passing them; after all, field operatives should never reveal their true nature, especially during undercover missions. I was able to decipher and manipulate all cross-referencing questions to yield a false but consistently plausible profile. I am available to once again demonstrate my skills in this 200-variable test since I understand Dr Wagner is always looking to improve his tests to better detect calculated deception by candidates.

I also know I satisfied all physical competencies. My averaged times of setting up and dismantling explosive devices breaks into the 97th percentile of the company’s records. My scores with assorted sidearms, assault rifles and sniper rifles are well into the 90th percentile. As for performance in hypothetical scenarios, I only destroyed the vehicle which carried the so-called hostage using my fighter’s disruptors based on the information provided which suggested him to be the leader of a conspiracy against the company. If my assessment was erroneous, then I humbly suggest the writer of these hypothetical tests be more consistent in their plotting.

Of course, Galactic Security Solutions has a reputation and I appreciate that you demand the highest standard from all your employees. So please allow me to further demonstrate my skills. You will notice that I have successfully scrambled my comm address to the office even though you know my actual place of residence. By now, my regenerative virus which was attached to his email has bypassed your multi-layered active barriers. As a sign of good faith and for authentication purposes, please check active barriers 12 through 33, layers A, C and F. I have access to all folders in the computer core and control systems for the building. And yes, this includes the toilet. They may fail to flush for a few hours. I have already informed Frank the janitor.

By the way, I also have access to the file which contains your planned route from office to home. I believe your security detail on this trip to be insufficient given any action which may be taken by your competitors. That said, and I do not wish to be presumptuous, you may find your trip home to be quite safe and uneventful as one such competitor will no longer pose a credible threat to you or the company. I am sure you have sufficient resources to verify the claim. Perhaps your contacts in the coroner’s office will be of assistance.

I hope you will reconsider your decision regarding my employment and I look forward to a favorable answer when you arrive home. The roast turkey, which I believe to be your favorite, will be ready by 18:30.

Your loving daughter, a.k.a. your “little princess assassin”,