An Animated Short Story Contest | The Animate Material Award

Whats the difference between being born and being animated. Life is life, right? I suppose it depends if you ask Dr Frankenstein or the monster himself. 

An Animated Short Story Contest


(Borrowed from 9 More Creative Writing Prompts)

Writing Prompt

Write about an inanimate object that comes to life. It could be a clock or pair of gloves, a vest or a jar of peanut butter. Give this new being a name and write about their adventures in the first moments of them coming to life

Short Story Contest Guidelines

Follow the guidelines as best as you can, but don’t be afraid to express your creativity and challenge the rules and requirements.

  • Due Date

    All submissions due July 26th 2015

  • Word Count

    Stories should be no longer than 500 words

  • Prizes

    First prize receives feedback on 5000 words of your choice by the NiTH team
    All short listed authors receive feedback from the Judges on their work.

Story Requirements

  • Characters

    Beyond the prompt requirements there are no further character requirements

  • Setting

    Set it in one of the following places

    • An odds, oddities and trinkets store
    • A Dressmakers
    • On a train bound somewhere incredible
  • Special Requirements

    The story should have more than one ‘scene’.

Entry Format

Include the title, author name and contest name like this


by Author Name

For the AWARD NAME Contest

Where do I Enter?

You can enter at our Submissions page.