Android Kidnapper Released

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Mikey’s posted this on his news blog, it’s the least biased article I could find about the whole Calgetti/android thing.

Supreme Court Rules Android Kidnapper Innocent

By Mikel Hobar

Harbourtown resident Tony Calgetti was acquitted of all kidnapping charges today when the Supreme Court ruled that there was not enough evidence to prove otherwise, leaving them no choice but to accept his not guilty plea.

Earlier this year, when police pulled Mr Calgetti over they found an android in the boot of his car, later identified as the missing Benjamin S76, and was arrested on suspicion of kidnapping.

The 42 year old Harbourtown resident is suspected to be involved with the criminal organisation known as the “Continental Mafia”, which police describe as a throwback to the 20th century Italian mafia. The Continental Mafia has be linked to half a dozen violent crimes in the last two years alone.

Despite a history of violent crime, Mr Clagetti denies involvement with any criminal factions claiming to be a law abiding business man.

He stated that he found the android already damaged and was taking it to get repaired.

Benjamin, who was verified as self-actualised by the Android Council, had suffered damage to his network adaptor and without a connection to the cloud, police struggled to get more than a basic initial statement.

At the time of the arrest Lieutenant Dennis Magori of Harbourtown Police Cyber Crimes Division, the department responsible for android related crime, stated that they were confident that when Benjamin could access his higher functions they would have sufficient evidence to convict Mr Calgetti.

After significant repairs Benjamin was able to connect to the cloud and begin describing the events of the night in question. Unfortunately, his cloud memory was hacked and Benjamin underwent a complete memory wipe, the equivalent of murder for an android.

Lieutenant Magori told the press that the memory wipe must have been a hack by Mr Calgetti’s associates to protect him and that “We’ve seen this happen before and in most cases there has been a memory backup somewhere on the web. We will find that memory back up.”

Mr Calgetti’s legal team pushed to have a pre-trial hearing and at this point the court ruled Mr Calgetti was innocent. He issued a statement saying that he will sue for wrongful arrest.

While Lieutenant Magori and his team continue to search for the memory backup, hopes are low for finding it.

I don’t know many androids, they’re pretty useless off the grid, but the ones I have met, I’m talking actualised of course, were cool. Nice people, I guess. But these Continental Mafia scum bags, I hate these big shot wannabes. They’re such a joke.