Answers | Daniel Norrish


(Accused Series)

Daniel Norrish

To the Nines Part 8

“So the police think we killed my neighbour, Theresa, and they think we killed your girlfriend, Anita,” Ben says to the Kevin and Eddie.

“Yeah and I did kill a cop, sorry,” Kevin adds.

“You’re such a freak. I can’t even begin to-“

Ben cuts Eddie’s rant off, “We can’t fight each other. The police are definitely going to catch us soon so we need to figure out who started all this.”

“Alright, let’s think about it then. What happened to you?” Kevin points at Ben.
“Someone stole my medication and I had a manic episode the night Theresa died, but I definitely didn’t hurt her; I just can’t remember. Then my medication was replaced to make it look like I’m lying.”

“And you?” Kevin points to Eddie.

“I had just been diagnosed with bi-polar and Ben was assigned to help me through the process since he’s got lived experience. Anita was killed as soon as we got in the door from the hospital.”

“Alright,” Kevin begins, “And I went to Theresa’s place and learned that someone was watching Ben from her front window. You guys are screwed.”

“So are you! And you actually deserve it!” Eddie erupts.

“Nah, everyone still thinks I’m dead.”

“For now they do. When the police realise my house is full of your DNA, you’ll be in more trouble than us,” Ben adds.

“Oh yeah, damn it. What do you want to do then? We could run away? Maybe we could get a few good months of fugitive freedom.”

“No,” Ben and Eddie reply together, then Ben continues, “Someone killed Theresa and Anita. We need to find them.”

“We need more information then.” Kevin turns his attention to Eddie. “You actually saw this killer, even though he had a mask on. Exactly what happened when you got home?”

“I don’t really know, I was shaken up from receiving the diagnosis and I just stumbled into the house.”

“What did you see? Think of anything, any little detail.”

“The guy charged at us and said ‘die freak’ and he got to Anita first. I ran outside and there was someone walking a dog and someone on the phone and black Mercedes driving past and a yellow car parked down the street with a word carved into it.”

“What? What word?” Ben asks.

“It was just some graffiti. It was a swear word or something. No, wait a sec, it just said prick.”

“Really?! You’re certain? You saw a yellow car with the word prick scratched into the side.”

“Yeah. Definitely.”

“Oh my god, I did that. I scratched that guy’s car.” Ben is banging a fist on his chest and hyperventilating.

“Who’s car is it?”

“It’s Greg’s car.”

“That jerk physiotherapist?” Kevin queries.

“Yes, it’s definitely him. Yes, we’ve figured it out!”

“Good. So now what? Do we go to the cops and let them know what’s happened?” Kevin suggests.

“Are you kidding?” Eddie begins, “No way. He killed Anita. He’s a dead man.”