Is There Anybody Out There? | Sachin Sharma

Sometimes distance is more than miles.

 Is There Anybody Out There?

Sachin Sharma

The Casual Act Quaint Award

How do you choose your friends?

I choose them based on their weaknesses. Their faults make me feel better about myself.

Take Nick for example. Nick loves to hate himself. I think I can help him. Your friends ‘need’ to need you sometimes, as they say – A friend in need…and all that.

That day Nick pinged me

Can we chat 4 a bit?

Of course, I replied.

He started to fall apart, describing how he hated every single person in his school. Everyone, who seemed like a friend once, was now making fun of him. Nick thought his looks were to be blamed.

With these pimples around my chin and cheeks, they call me ‘A Komodo’s pussy’…

n this is whn they r being nice 2 me.. I feel meh.

If I die right now, no one would miss me…

Will you come for my funeral Roger?

My name is Roger. I am 43, and a school teacher. I have dealt with kids and their issues all my life. I am also an amateur child psychologist and have taken a few online courses like – ‘Everyday Parenting: The ABCs of Child Rearing’. Oh! I am also a single parent. My son, Richard is 14. He is a drummer in his school band. We are a small family of 2.

Coming back to Nick. We met on Quora where I address questions related to career anxiety. Nick added me on Facebook later and we became friends.

We chat almost daily. We’ve never met.

You should talk to your dad, I suggested the obvious. Sometime all they need is a hug, a shoulder.

Dad is in his room and gets disturbed by these things.

An array of weird emojis and expletives for his dad followed.

I checked the other tab where I had keyed in “Drum Kit Offers”.

Few clicks later I came back.

How is your son? And what did the doctor say about his insomnia? Nick had asked

He will be fine. I gave him the sleeping pills. The doc said we should discuss music so I am buying him a drum kit this Christmas. I typed in and was about to hit ‘send’ when it hit me. I had left the entire bottle of sleeping pills in Richard’s room. Now a bolt of a thought numbed my head – ‘What if’

I ran upstairs, thinking when was the last time I saw him out of his room.

I found the door ajar.

He was snoring.

Sometimes the most mundane scene can be cherished. ‘Richard sleeping with a tab on his chest’- was one such moment.

I picked the tab and accidentally read his chat with some ‘David’.

Richard: “I can’t even tell him that I am an extra in the band. I am an extra in life. An afterthought! You know what it feels like David?”

David: “Trust me Richard, I know how it feels like. Hugs and kisses (emojis).”


On the other side of the world, getting no answer from Roger, Nick picked up his phone to check updates.

“Dinner?!!!”, David had Whatsapped Nick.

“Go ahead dad, I hv a project to finish” replied Nick and turned to his laptop.

Casual Act Quaint Award

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