EASTWICK AND DOWN ZOMG ZOMBIES DLC PACK + Bonus Hat \\ by Anita Cartesian \\ A Fictional Review for the WITCHES HAT Short Story Contest

Despite the contest requirements Anita Cartesian found a way to make Eastwick and Down an MMO.

If that’s not enough, the story is also a humorous critique of the games industry and review process.

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by Anita Cartesian

A Fictional Review for the WITCHES HAT Short Story Contest


To celebrate it’s 15th year since it first went on sale, Buzzard’s super MMORPG Eastwick and down is releasing a Zombie edition DLC for $29.99.


Buzzard’s Artie Brown stopped by the office with a breifcase full of ZOMG ZOMBIES Packs, hats, tickets to the NBA, collectibles, all that good stuff. While he didn’t have time for an interview, I have been playing the DLC Pack for 48 hours straight and think I can safely say that this latest update is well worth it.


When Eastwick first dropped back in 2000 many of us thought it was a mistake to make an MMO where everyone essentially plays the same character.


For those of you who haven’t stepped into the Pay-to-play world of Eastwick, Ursula DeMoor is a young witch in training who accidently concocts a potion that creates endless Ursulas throughout Eastwick.


Players take the role of their own Ursula, vie through quests and P2P combat to be the ‘one true Ursula’


Originally capping at level 40, various updates and DLC packs have expanded the world of Eastwick to span a  territor 8 times the size of actual Eurpoe. ZOMG ZOMBIES DLC raises the level cap from 270 to 315.


ZOMG Zombies lets groups of Ursulas team up and take on endless hordes of zombie Ursulas. Think Matrix 2 but good.


2004’s TEARS OF SATURN DLC introduced grouping, but it’s largely fallen by the wayside without level appropriate dungeons to raid.


In fact the last three DLC packs have focused on cosmetic and social aspect of the game, with new kits for Ursula, new dance moves, decals and addons for your broomstick, and new hairstyles and color patterns for Familiars (still no damn upgradeables for crows though grrr).


ZOMG ZOMBIES brings fighting back to the fore, which is sure to please the hardcore fans.


I’ve been playing the ZOMBIE pack for most of the time I’ve had the game, racking up a whopping 38000 zombie kills. I’ve also slammed 14 energy drinks and have some weird heart palpitations.


Anyway for those of you sitting on the fence, or who maybe haven’t logged  into Eastwick in a while, ZOMG ZOMBIES DLC is sure to get you back into casting fireballs.


And speaking of fireballs, ZOMG ZOMBIES finally… FINALLY lets players change the colour of the fireballs from red to yellow, blue, or my favourite, mint green.


The only let down was the free Witche’s Hat, which is just the same hat from the FURY AND SCORN DLC but with the colors inverted.


Anyway got to  go, I scored tickets to the Clippers v Pistons tonight, but Eastwick and Down ZOMG ZOMBIES DLC rates a solid 9.5/10