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Clickety-clack. I can barely hear it over the squealing in my ears. Clickety-clack-clack. But I can see it: a twisted metal snail lurching into the station. It heaves and gives out in front of me, and as the train’s doors …

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The jeep shuddered and bounced over rocks and sand, filling the air with choking red dust. The cars ahead of her shimmered in the hot sun, sweat beading across her brow and her shirt cling closely to her skin. Sharon …

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Matthew Hall

‘They deserve what they get.’ 54 Likes -Like – Comment ‘Why do we care about foreign casualties when we have our own problems at home.’ 132 Likes- Like – Comment ‘They are just animals anyway’ 73 Likes – Like – …

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The Delivery A

Vaughn, without even a glimpse, tossed the PDA to Gabriela. “Only a few today but need to pick up something at Athena Industries.” He pointed to the small purple patch on her face. “You alright? Maybe you should put some …

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A fact I learnt very early on is that people are all made of different things. Some have solid bodies of steel, others walk around in a natural gleaming skin of twenty-four carat gold. There are those made of just …

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It was there when she got home, the blood red envelope, with its wax seal. She’d always thought it was dramatic. Why not just send a fax. Rubbing her bald head she cracked the envelope and read through her latest …

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The wedding guests fill the house and spill out into the courtyard, bright splashes of colour against the sun baked ground. Aisha’s uncle glances up, spotting the inevitable watching presence hovering above the courtyard. “Hurry, hurry,” he urges. He is …

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