Award Winning Stories 2016

An expanding list of short story winners in 2016

Babies In The Snow | Sophie Macdonald

Part three of Sophie’s Award Winning Serialisation, The Old Ones.

My Best Friend | Sophie Macdonald

A creepy story about the limits of friendship and the power of words

Skullbook | Joey To

Amusing tale of dogs on the internet. And Satan.

Eight | Nick Lachmund

Part Two of Nick’s Marsden Creek Murders serial.

Small Things | C. R. Gardner

An epic tale of small proportions.

Blacksliders | Dee Ashcroft

A cheeky tale of couture and culture. This flash fiction is a must read.

Annabelle’s Feast | Sophie Macdonald & Arianna Carrington

A dark tale of troublesome perspectives.

One Of Nine | Sophie Macdonald

Part 1 of Sophie’s Old One series set’s the tone for a psychological thriller.

People Like Us | Cam Dang

A son commemorates his Father’s sacrifices despite a criminal past.

RIP | Cam Dang

A mother contemplates her ailing daughter’s life without her support.

Brain Strings & Concrete Pavers | Lydia Trethewey

A surreal connection joins two minds into a single void.

The Cooking Competition | Nick Lachmund

A brutal critique of broken hearts, busted dreams and roast pigeons

The Pact | Sophie Macdonald

A couple prepare for their final moments together in a bittersweet romance about the undying power of love.

Life In A Moment | Charlie K Gorden

An assassin questions her motivations when the assignment sparks a very different urge.

Just Another Wednesday Afternoon | C.R. Gardner

C.R. riffs off Alicia Bruzzone’s urban fantasy, taking the story in a surprising new direction.

Evelyn | Nick Lachmund

Part 2 of Nick’s Kookaburra College Trilogy shifts perspective in this small town thriller.

Who’s Afraid? | Jeanette Stampone

Fable and mythology cross in this flash fiction that will leave you grinning wolfish.

Sanity Is Not My Friend | Georgia Willis

Is he trapped in here, or were you trapped out there.

Salvation | Jeanette Stampone

Members of a cult plan their escape, but can family be trusted?

Patrick | Nick Lachmund

Part 1 of Nick’s Trilogy Award takes us back to the 90s  in this daring character study

Big C | Ian Harrison

A Memorium for the father who was there when needed. Big C Won our Major Contest for 2016

By The Light Of The Milky Way | Elise Oliver

A haunting tale about an unexpected visitor and an even more unexpected choice. Winner of the Evacuation Infatuation Award.

Ouroboros | Lydia Trethewey

Lydia tackles the death of the author in this humbling tale by our resident mastermind Lydia Tethewey. Winner of the Waiting For Starman Award

Swoop To Kill | Alicia Bruzzone

Magpie relations turn sour in this riotous short about Alien first contact. Winner of the Kneel In The Grass, Bison Award.

New Eared Steve Will Leave Your Ears Bleeding | Madeleine Stevens

When challenged to write a review for a film that doesn’t exist, it was Madeleine Stevens who claimed her first win for the New Eared Steve Award

Mull It Over | Jeanette Stampone

Jeanette’s hilarious flash story comes with a neat twist at the end, making it our first winning story in 2016