Belly, Belly by Alice Griffiths


Belly, belly
Be my world,
Sphere bigger
Than the starved

When food’s
in sight,
Bloat more
By every day
and night.

The other day
I noted, cheap.
A Jetstar flight
In but a week.
The destination?
A place
Of spice
And simmered yum…

Samosas hot!
Apparently cheaper
By a lot.
For one quarter-pounder meal
Right here,
I can buy a banquet
Over there!

An opportunity,
A chance for you,
My belly, belly,
Sphere of food.

So I took the flight,
And rested well
Through skies of blue,
And clouds that swell.
Much like the wine
And beer,
And food,
I enjoyed upon the flight,
Times two.

After landing safely
Secure and still,
I keenly walked
For my next meal.
Bursting through the airport door,
I licked my chops,
Oh God!

A wave of meat,
hit my nose,
Followed quickly
children at my toes.
Thank god
For my big belly, belly.
You, my friend,
Helped push through Delhi.

Crowds of thin and gaunt
Young men,
Intimidated me at first,
But then,

I realized
They were probably jealous,
Of my best friend,
Belly dearest.

For many of them
Strangely picked,
Spots for shops
That were not so hip.
I wonder how they all sat chilled,
Whilst not eating any of their scrumptious food!

Ah well,
A choice they obviously made.
I’m sure they filled up earlier
That day.
So now I hunt the scent of flesh,
Thick sauce,
Deep fried…

Behold a shop
Of steaming stew!
I’m sure they’ll also have a lu.
For my belly, belly.
I need more room
For delicious curry!

I try to sit
Upon a seat,
How strangely small
The base must be.
I almost snap
The chair in three,
So I insist
On a better seat for me.

My belly,
belly, tum.
It’s almost time
For our 10th
Of entre,
And dessert today.
I can’t wait
To guzzle
And fill your weight.

As I sit
And wait for service
A scrawny girl,
Possibly in pajamas,
Came to the table,
With hands
Out cupped,
Then lifted fingers
To her mouth.
Maybe she
Was just playing house,
I’d better join in,
food to mouth.

But after
My welcomed gesture,
I was puzzled by
An angry lecture.
Then sadness dropped
Upon her face,
She turned
To another
In my place.

But this man
To my shock and horror,
With the girl unbothered.
She was young
And thin as thin.
She could have been
His grandchild’s skin.
Handing her a piece
Of bread,
He led her out
With arms firm bent.
How strange I thought
To see her face,
Gobbling food
Within his embrace.

The girl
Had not
Been playing house!
She merely wanted
Food for mouth!

Oh God,
Oh God,
Dear belly dear,
We’ve been so daft
To miss her fear.
Her fear
Of empty,
Cramping pain.
She, so young
Need not be blamed.

I tried to stand,
Whilst bumping table,
Oh belly!
Why you are unstable!
I thundered down the street
For her,
But only shadows Greeted blur.

Upon a second,
Fourth glance,
I realized humans,
Sat back.
The alley way
Breathed hungry dreams.
My belly,
Is where it seems,
We must part.
For your
True filling,
Would have been better sent
To those
Really needing.

Tonight my belly,
You’ll begin to shrink.
For tonight
I feed
Others instead