Of Blood And Shadows Part 4: Till Death Do Us Part | Sam Aro

The exciting conclusion to Sam Aro’s Blood And Shadows serial short fiction.

Of Blood and Shadows

Sam Aro

The Queen’s Cryptographer Award: Part 4

The answer caught Dan off guard, but Kenweg was too frightened to notice.

“She is having an affair with Tuygil, the stable master! They used the marks to tell each other where to meet! I was only following her instructions! Please have mercy!”

So this was what all this had been about. Raffia, his own wife was cheating on him. And Kenweg had not only known, but lied to his face.

“Where!” Dan roared as the anger kicked in.

“The stables.” Kenweg cried out cowering ever further away.

Storming out the gates Dan was furious. Not only on Kenweg, whom he would deal with soon enough, but his wife as well. Cheating, with the stable master. Not in his wildest dreams could he have imagined this.

He had thought she was happy, but evidently he had been wrong. All the things that mistake had led too. Half the castle now feared an enemy attack, because of some mysterious marks. The chef was detained for supposed theft. But those were misunderstanding and could be cleared up. Si on the other hand was dead. How was Dan suppose to explain to her parents that their daughter had died to keep his wife’s cheating a secret.

Nearing the stable doors Dan suddenly stopped. He had heard faint singing for a moment now, but payed it no mind. That changed when he realized where it came from, the stables. His heart broke as he not only recognized the singer but the song. Flowerblossom, a promise of lasting love even through hard times. Many even called it Till Death do us Part, which was a more fitting name.

Raffia had sang this song to Dan when they got married. Not at the wedding, but afterwards. The words still took him to that night, but not the way he would have liked them to. Hearing her sing it to another man was crushing. So much so that not even his anger could overcome the sadness.

With slow steps Dan reached the stable door and pushed it open. The singing stopped immediately and he walked in. Raffia and Tuygil lay beside each other in the hay, heads now turned towards the door.

“I still remember” Dan started. “The night you sang that song to me. You told me that you loved me, and that you needed no-one else.” He had to swallow before continuing. “I guess you were wrong.”

Shaking he turned his head to Tuygil. “And you.” He was fighting tears now. “I hope you’re proud of yourself for what you’ve done. That you think it’s worth it.” He left without saying another word.

The silence Dan left behind him was deafening. They sat in silence, neither talking nor moving. For a moment it was as if time itself had ben stoped. Then a tear slowly rolled down Raffias cheek, and another. “I’m sorry” She whispered under her breath as more kept coming. Tuygil came to comfort her, but she pushed him away and ran out into the night.

That morning the sun rose over the horizon just as the lookouts saw someone jump from the walls.

End notes.
I just want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to be part of this contest and improve my writing. I also want to thank you for having patience with my spelling and grammar. I will work with this and hopefully I can soon spot my mistakes in the english language. Further I apologize if sometimes it seemed as if I didn’t listen to the criticism.
Now with the story complete I would say Of Blood and Shadows wasn’t the most relevant name for it. For the time being I would call it Till Death do us Part instead. It atlas has a connection to the story.
P.s. any of you get the anagrams? Old Kenweg = Knowledge, Damsel Si = Misslead (I know I misspelled it), Dan Benado = Abandoned, Raffia = Affair, Ranter Veil = Irrelevant, Tuygil = Guilty (Did I go too far with this one?)