In a small dingy bar, people from across the town had gathered up after a day’s work for a moment of peace. The next day, many of them were going to elect the new mayor among the two nobles who had been contesting the position for the past 25 years. Both had held the post a few times and none of them had proved to be the better option during the time spent in the office.

The haggard lot that formed the small crowd in the bar was not really interested in who comes to power as nothing was going to change and quite frankly, no one really wanted to think much about it. A few drinks at the bar, a few telling of stories was all they cared for as life was simple enough for their liking.

The bar’s door swings open and in walks a chubby fellow with droopy eyes under bushy eye brows and a big beard. He smells of stink so much so that when he crosses the people up to the bartender, they turn to him and fling curses at him. He ignores them and slaps a coin right in front of the bartender and asks for a drink. The bartender unwillingly obliges and pushes the drink forward. The chubby fellow drinks it all down slaps another coin and asks for one more. As soon as he gets his drink, he turns to the crowd and speaks in a loud voice, “It was two that I pulled from the well… If you don’t believe me, look at the cart outside!” No one paid much attention and a few faces turned to look outside and then someone mustered the courage to ask, “Pulled what?”

“Dogs! You idiots! I pulled out dogs from the drinking well.” The same well from which you guys drink your water … the same well which this bartender mixes in his beer that tastes like piss. These words made the bartender scowl and at once his color faded when he found everyone staring at him. “I don’t mix water.” He squeeked.

“Bobby’s my name and half the people in this town know me. Whenever they need someone to dig a grave, they say, ‘Go bring Bobby!’ Whenever they want the wheel of their horse cart fixed, they say, ‘Go bring Bobby!’ Whenever they want their dead animals be burned, what do they say?” At that some people joined in and said in unison, “Go bring Bobby!” “Yes, go bring fucking Bobby!”, Shouted Bobby as he raised his beer glass over his head.

“If Bobby is going to do everything for you guys, what the hell is the mayor doing for you? Does he ever come and sit with you? Does he ever ask you what your problems are? Does he ever visit you when someone in your family dies? Even when the mayor’s own father died, what did he say to his butler…?”

At that question everyone started guessing and then looked at Bobby clueless after a while. Seeing that no one actually got the answer, Bobby said “Go Bring…” and then the whole crowd joined in and shouted, “BOBBY!” This time Bobby raised the glass and drank it all up.

“These nobles, these aristocrats do not know us; they do not care about us. All they want to do is to sit on top of us and give orders. As long as we work for them, we do not question them and we vote for them, that is all they want from us. Once they come into power nothing changes… our lives have remained the same for years. We have worked and toiled for what? I say it is time that we dictate our terms to them! Down with the aristocrats! Down with the nobles! It is time for the people to choose from their own, it is time for the people to rise up, it is time for the people to bring the change! For change!”

At this sudden outburst the people in the bar stood up and exclaimed, “For change!” and raised Bobby above their heads and walked out of the bar chanting, “Bobby! Bobby! Bobby!”