The Box by Jack Green

I was always encouraged to think outside the box and it was fair to say that I was quite good at it which was why I was so good at my job. Ideas flew into my mind like small birds flitting in and out; sometimes leaving before I knew they had come; abandoning me with a sense of vertigo and a chance missed.

When they stayed, they danced about in my head spinning all my other ideas out of control like loose pieces of paper in the wind. And then, at times, ideas would come together and fight, vying for space in my thoughts. It was fun thinking outside the box and it was always safe but I went a bit too far and went out of the box completely. The things you can think of here are incredible. But now I have been left with a problem. I have wandered so far from the safe confines of the box that I have no idea how to get back. Or, in other more sensible terms, I’ve gone insane. I have lost one or maybe two marbles, quite possibly even a few more, but I’m convinced I’ve got one left because I’m sure can hear it rattling around at times.

The more time I spend outside of the box, the further I seem to get from it and so the harder it is for me to get back to the other side, where there are no loose screws or lost marbles. That is not to say that I want to go back to the mindless drudgery of that place where things fall downwards and hot air rises. It’s much nicer out here. Things like rocks can fly and sometimes the sea is as yellow as a sunflower. It’s much prettier, even if it’s not at all real and it is in my head. In the box, they say that if something will never happen that pigs can fly… but pigs can fly: it’s a fact: I saw one the other day! It swooped down out of the sky and stole my hat (the one with a purple feather in.)

Inside the box it was boring- days, weeks, months, years. What’s the use? Why not just lie here under the green sun, on the yellow grass and the watch rocks that jump out of the ground. Then you can fly off and the see the sea that is sometimes yellow? The only thing you have to watch out for is the pigs.

I don’t know what day it is, it’s not important; there are only seven of them, I think.

Yes I’m insane and yes I’m quite happy about it.