Serial Fiction | Bug Out: A NuSpace Misfits Adventure by Ollie Rossman – Episode 6

Jet is feeling pretty confident. I’m not so sure.  


A NuSpace Misfits Adventure

by Ollie Rossman

Episode 6

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The whole ship shook and shuddered. Jet craned his neck away from the viewing bubble to look back at the rest of the crew. “No need to thank me guys,” he said, smiling. “Just doing my job. I’m not saying I’m the best pilot around but think there is definitely an argument that could be made to support that idea.”

“Jet, don’t be arrogant,” said Father.

“Everyone has always said I spend too much time in the VR but I think we can all see how those hours playing Kalunian Space Pirates has…” Jet trailed off, distracted by new data scrolling across his display. The ship was rocked with turbulence.

“Where did that come from?” Jet’s hands were white on the joystick, fighting for control.

“Weather layer!” said Daemon “It’s looking pretty rough.”

“That weather layer that you would have known about if you went to class,” added Victoria.

“What do I do? I never did any rough weather simulations.”

Herb had somehow managed to fall asleep.

“Do we have time for an I told you so?” asked Father.

“Not now, Father. Ok Jet, you have to hold her steady, and then when you initiate the landing thrusters, use the side stabilisers to counteract the weather,” read Victoria, tapping furiously at her screen.The ship moved sharply to the left.

“I have no idea how to use the side stabilisers. Daemon can you write a subroutine for the stabilisers?”

“I can try.”

“Vicky, co-pilot,” said Ed.

“My name is Victoria,” she snarled, strapping herself into the co-pilot’s chair. “OK, we’re way east of the landing site. About five clicks. Altitude ten klicks. Speed is ok. Turn forty five degrees starboard,” she checked herself. “Turn right, Jet. Turn right”

There was a bang and the ship started to spin at an uncontrollably fast. Edwina threw up and Herb started to giggle in his sleep.

“Mum what just happened?” asked Jet.

“Malfunction in the port side flaps. Lateral control lost, darling.”

“Daemon I need that subroutine now,” said Jet through gritted teeth.

“Two minutes.”

There was a loud creak from the ship.

“We can’t take these forces much longer,” said Victoria.

There was another creak followed by an even louder bang. The spinning stopped and the ship levelled out.

“Jet hit the landing thrusters,” yelled Victoria.

Jet flicked three switches in succession and the thrusters engaged.

“Ok, I think we’re ok,” said Victoria. “Landing gear in five, four, three–”. Before she could finish the ship was blown sideways by a huge gust of wind before the stabilisers compensated. Jet hit the landing gear.

“Five hundred metres,” shouted Victoria.

“Three hundred metres.”

“One hundred metres.”

Windblown dirt and pebbles hit the underside of the hull causing a series dings to resonate throughout ship. Some of it got sucked into the air intakes. Thrusters flared and cut out as the ship started to drop the remaining fifty metres.

Freefall then impact. It was over in a second.


Next week on Bugout

I know this week’s was a short one, but just wait til next week. The crew is going to leave the ship for the first time in their life.

Tune in next Wednesday for the next episode.

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