Burn, Thrive, Burn | A NiTH Collaboration

With original fiction by some of NiTH’s most proflic authors including leaderboard heroes:
Lydia Trethewey
Alicia Bruzzone
Nick Lachmund
Amber Fernie

Plus stories by
Yuki Iwama
Ted Inver
Cam Dang
Sarah Henry
David R Ford
Madeline Pettet

Burn, Thrive, Burn,  is a collection of new works uniquely presented, from wolf masks to canine transitions, house parties and kidnappings, ranging across cyberspace into mythology and poetry, this is a compilation where two teams of author collaborated to produce something greater than the sum of its parts,.

Burn, Thrive, Burn will be available in all major eBook formats on April 29. All proceeds go to the artists involved in the project.

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