We Did it!

Its official, Burn, Thrive, Burn will be out first physical publication. We've hit our goal, and the book will be going to print!


Authors Working Together

Burn, Thrive, Burn started as a collaborative project. Authors signed up, wrote and edited each others stories, we created all out own art, organised and promoted the project, and now the book will not only be printed for backers of the Kickstarter, but will be available as print on demand and in eBook format on all major platforms.

Opportunities For Everyone

If you're a writer and frustrated with the time it takes for publishers, story contests and editors to get back to you, then it's time to go NiTH. All proceeds from our projects go to the authors and editors invoked in the project, and you'll get to collaborate with other writers, learning and creating as we go.

Take Control Of Your Writer’s Journey

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