The Cat from Alexia Dickson on Vimeo.

Cats don’t go on dates

There’s simply no need

Why would they date

When they can lick themselves?


I go on dates

With a plethora of men

I go because I’m lonely

Because I’m empty inside.


Cats breeze through life

Have a litter here and there

Meow at the door

Every day is a holiday


I struggle through life

Try to be kind

Blindly stumble through

Do something wrong


It doesn’t take long

A week

Maybe a month

Karma is here


I make an error in my ways

It’s quick to catch up

He thinks I’m perfect

But he’s “too crazy” for me


Grief resounds

So I do something right

What goes around

Comes around


I meet him at a party

My heart sings

I’m sure we’re in love

He kills himself.


Karma is tough

So I take notes from the cat

I start meowing at doors

And licking myself