A romantic short story for the I/O M/F/? Award by Maya Spore.


I still couldn’t believe it. After all those years of posting my work to various publishers, magazines, and book review sites, I finally got my first job offer to be a writer.

Agreed, it was also the very last one on my long list, but a job is a job.

I was sitting behind my freshly polished desk, my laptop booted up, and was excited to get started.

Then it struck me. What the hell does a girl know about computer games?

Game Monster is a growing new website in a growing industry. We are therefore looking for new, enthusiastic game reviewers to reinforce our staff. Do you have a talent for writing? Send us your resume, today.

It sounded easy enough. Just write what they want and you’ll be fine. But what did they want?

I stared at the document, totally blank so far except for the big title on top:

Call of Blood: Consanguinity

I looked at the box beside me. It had arrived that morning, and my enthusiasm had dropped as fast as the box when I had let it slip from my hands upon unwrapping it. An action shooter? Not even a nice girly princess adventure to start with?

Oh well, I’m a game reviewer now, so I’d better start at the beginning. I looked at the box, where several men, pumped up with overdoses of steroids, were fighting each other with bizarre looking shotguns, unrealistic blades and… rocket launchers? Seriously?

I sighed and started typing.

Upon examining the box, one cannot overlook the intriguing characters the game promises. If the game is looking as tough as its box, this hardly can go wrong.

The next step obviously was playing it. For that, I had set up my husband’s console next to my laptop, so I could play and write at the same time. I thought that was pretty clever, even more because I had ‘accidentally’ forgotten to mention any of this to him. Guys and their consoles, it’s almost as bad as their cars.