“It is,” I answered, and the glimmer in his eyes made me wanna shut down the computers and let him have me right there and then, unleashing that raw passion that I saw reflected in his glance. I knew he was about to clean the desk with a single swipe of his arm and take me like one of those men on the (now somewhat damaged) DVD case would have. Well, apart from the one I had emasculated, of course. He wouldn’t be taking anybody ever.

Call of Blood is played with passion. Make sure you have canceled all appointments and have the privacy of your living room when playing this game. Don’t keep any valuables on your desk either.

When I actually reached out to the console to shut it off, Peter grabbed my arm. There you go, I thought, and prepared myself for some raw, steaming sex.

“What are you doing?” asked Peter.

“Roooar,” I answered.

Did I really just growl at him? What has gotten into me?

The numerous animalistic fights this game features will certainly challenge the very core of your humanity.

“Don’t shut it off yet, I wanna play it too,” Peter resumed.

Play it too? Oh, of course. The game. He wants to play with the game. Not with me. Fuck. Or rather, no fuck.

“Did you know it has a multiplayer feature?” There was that eager tone in his voice again. “We could play it… together.”

“Well…” I actually started feeling jealous of what I now considered my game. This was my job, my terrain, and he was invading it. Seeing how swiftly he popped the DVD from its case and slid it into the console without the use of any form of lubricant didn’t make me feel any better. My treacherous assignment willingly succumbed to his manly touch, and in no time Peter had the main menu on the screen.

“Look Peter…” I tried, in my last feeble attempt at maintaining control.

But then, he said the words no woman ever wants to hear coming from the mouth of her husband. “You can even play with a woman if you want to. She’s hot.”

Call of Blood comes with a common multiplayer feature. What stands out from most of these games is the fact you can control a female soldier as well.