I actually enjoyed personalizing my character. Barbarella, as I had named her, had the strength of Schwarzenegger, but with much sexier pecks. To keep her balance, she had a big but firm ass and the legs of a basketball player. Exactly the kind of woman you find behind the checkout counter of your local grocery store.

While I was taking my time, browsing through each of the outfits and looking for a fashionable Hilfiger shirt or a sexy Chanel skirt, my husband grew increasingly impatient.

“Are you gonna play Blood, or are you gonna play Dress-me-up?”

You can get easily lost in the vast amount of customization options for your character. Skin color, hair model, every aspect of their apparel, you name it.

I tried finishing Barbarella up, but still wanted to pick the appropriate ensemble. I didn’t want her to become the laughingstock of the slummy neighborhood if she turned up with a nip slip or visible panty lines.

Be sure to reserve enough time for this phase, as it will be one of the most important stages of the game. Picking the wrong outfit can have serious consequences later on.

“Finally,” Peter said when I pressed the Save button. “Let’s start a campaign. We need to team up in our missions. I will be an Assaulter.”

I noticed he grabbed a monster of a shotgun named ‘A Big Fucking Gun’. Talk about compensation, I thought.

“Perhaps you could specialize in tactical weapons?” he suggested.

“Tactical weapons?” I remembered seeing a basketball coach explaining something to his team during a timeout. “Like a clipboard and a pencil?”

He looked at me like I were a simpleton, and sighed. “Just grab the sniper gun, honey.”

Sheesh, I thought, make up your mind.

The choice of weaponry is amazing. Not only will you find the usual ones like rifles, revolvers and shot guns, but even common looking utensils can turn out to be deadly.

Our mission started. I immediately heard an annoying high-pitched sound coming from Barbarella, and asked Peter what it could be.

“Those are screams, you’re being hit.”

“Wow, can they do that?”

Mr. Grumpy never answered me.

Once you start your first mission, you are immediately overwhelmed with the level of realism the game offers.

“Okay,” Peter shouted, although I was sitting right next to him. “I’m going to enter that house and take out the machine gun nest on the first floor.”

I knew he wasn’t talking about birds, and was very proud of myself for figuring that out without having to ask.

“Cover me, I’m going in!”

The room was a bit chilly but I was still looking for a blanket when Peter was already re-booting the level. Apparently, he had been instantly slaughtered while running to the mentioned house. Amateur.

CoBc is not for the faint-hearted and when playing in teams, surround yourself only with hardened players and get familiar with the correct lingo.