For the next game, Peter had instructed me what I was supposed to do while he was running like a fool to the front door of that house. This time, when he yelled (!) again to cover him, I aimed my sniper rifle at the windows of the first floor.

After I took out their TV, a comfy chair and the suspicious looking picture of Auntie Marge hanging on the wall, my gun jammed.

“Djeez, can’t these be foolproof in a stupid game?”

“You have to reload it sometimes, honey.”

Oh, now you’re telling me. I figured out how to do it and after a few minutes, I was peeking through the windows again with the telescope attached to my rifle. I liked this part; it gave me a chance to check on their wallpaper and notice their curtains clashed with their furniture.

“Honey, can we buy one of these? I wanna check out all of our neighbors too.”

Peter was too busy hiding like a coward behind a trashcan, awaiting a bullet shower. I went on in my search for the infamous machine gun nest, carefully avoiding the dangerous looking window on the far left where all the bullets came out.

I did some target practice on a set of potted daisies (they should have bought lilies for those sills) but hadn’t seen the cat sleeping behind them.

The poor feline jumped up in a hiss and disappeared inside. Suddenly, the far left window smashed into pieces and a soldier tumbled out. I emptied my magazine into his body, giggling every time I managed to make it twitch.

My husband was gazing at what had happened though. Apparently, the panicking cat had managed to tip over an old grandfather’s clock, which in turn caused a total collapse of the ceiling after damaging a supporting wall.

Peter was most impressed with how I dealt with the situation. “Wow, very immersive,” he complimented me.

Most of the maps are dynamic and full of diversions. You can make use of the surrounding terrain in the most creative ways.

On our next mission, rain was pouring. I searched my backpack for an umbrella and asked Peter if we couldn’t cross the soggy looking field in our SUV, as my boots were freshly polished. The jerk refused.

Weather plays a key role in the game and could seriously change the circumstances of the battle scene. Be sure you check the forecast and take precautions.