Pride and satisfaction beamed from his face when the grenade he had thrown exploded at the shack where a sniper was hiding.

“Hahahaaaaa,” he shouted out. “Hasta la vista, baby! Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker! See you at the party, asshole! Smile, you son-of-a-bitch!”

“Good morning Vietnam!” I pitched in, which earned me another dark look from his side.

Call of Blood: Consanguinity is certainly a game you will feel happy about.

Suddenly, he smacked the table hard while he gave me a new entry to add on my foulest curses list. Hmm…

Yet, Call of Blood seems to lack something.

He continued abusing the control, as if it were the cause of him getting some serious ass kicking. What came next out of his mouth was an everlasting description of what he thought of the game. Words I didn’t even dare putting on my aforementioned list.

What it is exactly, is hard to describe.

Suddenly, a fierce looking soldier with a bad attitude popped up in front of him, carrying a knife that resembled the cleaver I use to chop up chickens in our kitchen. The view suddenly went to aerial while we watched the villain slashing off the player’s head with one mighty blow.

The camera zoomed in on the headless player.

A certain void, that all these cool features above just cannot fill.

My husband threw away the control, forgetting it was still attached to the console. The force of its flight caused the console to be pulled off the table and fall on the tiled floor.

We must warn you as well. Playing this game for an extended period may be harmful.

Peter screamed in horror when the console split open, and electronic parts were propelled into all directions like the player’s blood and brains had only seconds before.

Comparisons with real life situations are easily made.

He dropped on his knees next to the remainders of his precious, and tears he had never shown at the birth of our children were running over his cheeks.

Therefore, kids should not be allowed to play this game without supervision of an elder.

Suddenly, his head turned to me and he pointed in my direction. Oh boy.

But in spite of these remarks, I have only one sentence left to finish up this review…

“You…and that stupid game of yours. You caused this!”

Great, now it was my fault. This was going to be fun.

Dig in soldier, cause all hell is gonna break loose.