‘You know…’ I scratched my hair. ‘We might not even be around for the next ten years.’

‘That’s fine, I’ll take the risk.’

I shrugged. ‘If you insist. Please fill out the form.’

She did as she was told. I took her cheque and passed the receipt. She muttered a thank you and walked to her station.

After making sure she wasn’t looking, I read her form. Rhea Addams. 23. Student. Brown College. A year older than me and living in the neighborhood. Her handwriting was neat and beautiful.

Discreetly, I slipped the form into my bag along with her cheque.

Statement. Handwriting reveals your personality.

Girl – I think so.

Boy – HA-HA. Very funny. Are you saying that most doctors have bad personalities?

Girl – *peering in* My goodness, your handwriting is soooo ugly.

Boy – Shut up.


Rhea returned almost every day, usually in the evening after her last class. I had bought a RESERVED sign and placed it on her station whenever she wasn’t around. If the owner knew about it, he would’ve been mad. Good thing he was away on an around-the-world backpacking trip, giving me full control of his shop. Lucky me.

Every time she came, Rhea only played one game, DriftBattle. And she did the same route over and over, but her score wasn’t really great.

‘You need to change your strategy,’ I said. ‘Try other routes as well, then get back to this one.’

She looked at me. ‘You think so?’

‘And when you turn, try to get closer to the edges. If you angle it properly, there’s no need to slow down.’ I bent over and took over the mouse. ‘Let me show you.’

‘Wait!’ She shouted and pushed me away. ‘Not this one, try the others.’

I thought her reaction was a little over the top, but not wanting to make things awkward, I said nothing. I picked another route and demonstrated how I played the game, giving her some tips along the way. Throughout, she said nothing, only nodding every now and then. I wondered if she didn’t like me, or if she was just being unfriendly.

Task. How do you Google that?

Boy – cheat sheet code driftbattle 5

Girl – how to win DriftBattle 5, I’ve been playing for weeks but there’s no improvement


Soon, Rhea was getting better. She no longer slowed down during curves, and her times were improving.

‘Not bad,’ I said. ‘Soon, you’re going to beat the top scorer.’

She laughed. ‘Of course, I’ve been practicing.’

‘At home?’

She nodded.

‘Then why do you still come here?’