‘Is he…’ I found it hard to finish my sentence.

She nodded and put the article back inside her bag. ‘He was my boyfriend.’

‘I might have seen him,’ I said. ‘He always wore a black parka, didn’t he?’

‘Yes, that’s James,’ she said. ‘He used to come here to play the racing games. His favourite was DriftBattle. And, he was good at it. But he should’ve kept his drifting ambition to computer games. It just doesn’t translate in real life. Even worse, when you crash, you can’t restart.’

‘But why were so you bent on beating his score?’

‘Like I told you, I was curious. He used to say that a woman wouldn’t understand. I just didn’t get it. I wanted to prove that I could be as good as him, or even better. But you know, at the end of the day, I was being obsessive. I couldn’t accept the fact that he was gone.’

I kept quiet, not knowing what to say.

‘And Josh, I’m sorry but I can’t answer your feeling.’

I knew she was going to say that, but hearing it from her lips still brought an ache in my heart.

‘But you know, I was actually happy that you confessed to me,’ she said. ‘I was happy that you talked to me, and taught me some tricks about the game, and told me your feeling.’

I looked at her and she blushed.

‘Thank you, Josh. I was very happy.’

Her words made me flustered. Even though she couldn’t respond to my feeling, I still liked her.

I forced myself to smile. ‘Well then, I hope you’ll be happy soon.’

She nodded, and started to cry. I laughed and ruffled her hair. She didn’t push me away. She cried and smiled at the same time.

Strange, I’d been rejected, but I felt warmth in my heart. I guess I really, really liked this girl. I wasn’t going to give up. I would try again and again, until the day she will smile to me from the bottom of her heart.



PS. This story is inspired by an article about a teenager who finds his deceased father’s ghost car in an Xbox rally game.