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God Incorporated (formerly trading as Zeus Enterprises) 999 Clearview Way  Heaven    Dear God,   Re: Our last conversation       As I was saying on the phone, we can’t be friends any more because of what happened last …

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-          I’m here! The door was open! – Angie called out as she was closing the door. –          In the kitchen! – Jess replied. The clock in the hallway was counting final seconds to 11PM. Angie looked at it for …

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maya spore

Maya was on her way to the wizard’s shack, deep in the woods. She was hoping the ancient mage would be able to save her mother from whichever sickness she was suffering. Maya didn’t look forward to meeting him, as …

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Nausheen Mohamed

I have to explain everything to her. But should you? Better late than never, right? She will – I know she won’t forgive me. Make an excuse. Say you couldn’t make it. Too late now. She agreed to meet with …

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My old mate Frankie was better known as “that guy”; apart from me, no one noticed him. He is the kind of person who would blend easily into a crowd. Therefore I was surprised when “that guy” told me he …

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