Episode 2 of Clementine picks up where episode 1 left off. After slaying the Spineback Wyatt Stone decides to investigate what exactly the beast was doing so close to Appletree. While far across the wasteland, folks are getting drunk in the Gramaphone Electric Saloon and Bar. Unaware that their lives are about to be turned… Read More

Jonna Hurst’s Clementine, serial fiction exclusive to NITH, continues Monday. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s coming up. Full warning, it’s a bit of a spoiler.… Read More

Kicking off our serial  fiction stories for 2015 is Clementine, a Science Fiction Western set in a dystopian future. Episode One begins with Wyatt Stone, a county sheriff, tracking a mob of Spinebacks through the wasteland. The world of Clementine is a cruel, desolate and unusual place. Though each episode is short, readers should expect… Read More