Symon Says…

Blood dripped slowly onto the floor. Sy watched, mesmerised, as another crimson droplet formed, swelled and detached, becoming elongated in its path through the air. It hit the growing pool with a little splash spraying myriad smaller droplets around it. […]


You wake to an itch on the back of your left thigh. You try to move your hand, desperate to scratch the irritation. Your arm feels heavy. It’s stuck to the dirt. Dirt. Why are you lying on dirt? You […]

The Game

Maya walked into the old, abandoned house. Debris was cracking underneath her boots as she advanced carefully. Maybe this was a mistake? The house was only a few miles from hers, and stood a bit apart from all the other […]

Macabre Manor

The door closed with a bang and the blanket of darkness encased them, wrapping them tightly in her grasp. The air was cold and heavy like an underground cellar, the lights and noises from the carnival were gone. No turning […]

Cellar Door

  “This famous linguist once said that of all the phrases in the English language, of all the endless combinations of words in all of history, that Cellar Door is the most beautiful.” Donnie Darko. 1. Mr. Leiano sat looking […]


Its eyes bore into him. Francis backed away, terrified. He swung the spiked metal pole franticly at it. It shrieked gutturally at him. He thrust and the thing’s eyes widened horribly. He had pierced the thing’s neck. It screamed wetly, […]


by Cory O’Neile   It was past midnight when we finally tumbled back through Finton’s door, stumbling and giggling over the threshold and onto the soft cream-white carpet. I had my arm around his neck for support, hanging from him […]