Kalifa’s first story for NITH is a great addition to the COMFORTABLY ANON short list. A small window into the life of ‘Shanon’, who has just left hospital but seems desperate to avoid her family at all costs. Enjoy the story after the jump.… Read More

In cricket they have a saying. “Well in.” It’s something you might say to your teammate after a particulary good ball. It’s also something you might say say to the opposition’s batsman if they play an impressive shot. That’s the sort of game cricket is, at it’s best, competition without ignominy. Sometimes you look around… Read More

writing contest

This award is now closed. 1. Blanket Rules – Sean C Sydney’s Dystopian Future laid bare on a slow train to nowhere (Read more). 2. Process of Elimination – Ash Warren A Sci Fi short about identity set in the enduring darkness of space (Read more). 3. Gabe Logan Newell Times Two – Gaben A… Read More