centaur vase

A fantasy romance short story with a touch of Piers Anthony and a dash of Romeo and Juliet. Tobias Madden’s winning entry fo the GROTESQUE PORTRAIT Award pits Centaur against Human in a love that is worlds apart, hoof to cheek.  Looking for more great short stories? Check our Award Winning Short Stories page… Read More

The Abomination

For this week’s short list, the GROTESQUE PORTRAIT contest, we’ll be releasing one story a day for the duration. Enjoy our first, by long time contestant Joey To.   The Abomination // A Science Fiction Short Story by Joey To   “Docking procedure initiated,” announced Athena. Abe barely glanced at his droid seated next to… Read More

free short story contest

“There is no exquisite beauty… without some strangeness in the proportion.” Edgar Allan Poe Contest Guidelines Write a story no more than 700 words that looks at the grotesque beauty of the human body. Take for your inspiration a portrait or work of art that is well known to you. Characters There should be at… Read More