Moving beyond the standard format of short story writing can give writers the opportunity to stretch their wings and get the creative juices flowing, There’s also the danger that the brief will scare writers off, or the intention won’t carry over just as you liked it. That’s not been the case this week, as we… Read More

Kelly’s first short list for NITH is the perfect listiscle for our little solar system. Some of us look up and see only a vast and impenetrable infinite. Not so. As you will see below, the solar system is an easily digestible list of places you can visit. Check out this entry to the  LINKBAIT… Read More

Originally appearing in, and winning, the LINKBAIT AND SWITCH Award, Catherine Moller delivers a funny and well crafted piece of futuristic clickbait satire.  Catherine’s first outing for NITH is a good one, with phrases like “who knew silicate could be so sexy?” and “Go see the Armstrong Historical Re-Enactment Village”, she manages to ont only… Read More


Catherine Miller took out first place for this award:   1.Mr Right Is Definitely Out There by Ash Warren A tongue in cheek bit of Clickbait about love bots for sale that gives new meaning to ‘Orion’s Belt’ (Read more). 2. Seven Historic Planets In The Commonwealth You Have To Visit Before You Replicate  by Catherine Moller… Read More