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“Next case. Request 14875 on entry into the Houston Reproduction Program.” Commissioner Morris looked at his fellow commissioners. “Report on the genetic analysis?” Commissioner Buchman cleared her throat. “Yes, I have the results here. The figures are looking surprisingly well. …

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by Cory O’Neile   It was past midnight when we finally tumbled back through Finton’s door, stumbling and giggling over the threshold and onto the soft cream-white carpet. I had my arm around his neck for support, hanging from him …

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Letter writing is the only device for combining solitude with good company. ~Lord Byron We’re in good company this week. Letters to modern comics, classic authors, distinguished scientists and… someone you might know Six hand written (or typed) letters to… …

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This week’s award asked authors to use Marius De Zayas’ portrait of photographer Alfred Stieglitz as the inspiration for a story in the genre of Magical Realism.

Seven’s a lucky number, a magical number even. That’s how many stories we have on this week’s short list, so head over and check out the full short list here

Also, a big NITH welcome to first timer Sandra Mendes!

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Robert Walters wakes before dawn. He lays there, the lights out, listening to the night noises of the hospital. They come in hushed hurry. Soft footfalls, scattered chatter, the squeak of a stretcher as it rolls past on its way …

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